Misogyny is Funny! If You are a Liberal, That Is. (And If You’re Talking About Sarah Palin)

Jerry Adler over at Newsweek is up to familiar tricks; the typical leftist move of misogyny disguised as “humor”. I know. I didn’t realize Newsweek was still in publication either. Hey, I suppose the hip, cultured and enlightened folks need something to read whilst sipping their Pinot Noir and fantasizing about Europe in their Ivory Towers. And by hip, cultured and enlightened, I, of course, mean the total opposite. Bask in their full open-minded and: “progressive” glory here (excerpted below):

Win a date with Sarah Palin!
Be among the first to mail in
A boxtop from your favorite ammo
A picture of yourself in camo
And you can take her someplace glam-o!

Imagine how their eyes will pop
When into ‘21’ you drop
With the twinkly winky Fox
Talking head that’s full of rocks.
You’ll draw jealous looks and stares

As you discuss the world’s affairs
She’ll ask you why they needed two
Koreas, wouldn’t just one do?
You’ll ask her how she views the Fed
She’ll show you pictures of Todd’s sled.

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Sigh. It’s quite clear to me that the Left, for all their talk of Feminism, are anything but Feminists. You see, they are only For The Women ™ if you are the “right” kind of woman. It isn’t about women, it’s about political agendas and maintaining power. To further their goal, they’ve created a blatantly sexist Sarah Palin meme: she’s a dum-dum beauty queen. Well, guess what? She’s not. And neither are the people who like, admire and respect her. I: wrote this some months ago regarding a similar misogynistic segment on MSNBC and it holds true today:

Contrary to the belief of those “enlightened” folks on the left, our exceedingly fatty limbic systems (and I know they must be because Professor Janeane Garafalo told me so) don’t render us blind to clearly offensive, sexist and outright vile behavior; even if we are, sadly, becoming numb to it. Conservative women, especially ones that are – gasp – pretty, are always the target of ridicule and attacks meant to demean and diminish. But, THIS, the demonizing of Sarah Palin at the hands of the Fourth Estate crosses an even more abhorrent line.

What the far left and their media stooges don’t realize is that Sarah Palin is more like most women than they are. She is definitely closer to what the majority of women consider the ideal. She’s the standard bearer of an ordinary, small town American girl-next-door who has done extraordinary things in extraordinary ways.

But thanks, Newsweek, for once again proving that the feminist meme y’all continually trot out is hypocritical at best (only counts if it is one of your women) and utter bull at worst. I suggest you stop believing that women should pantsuit themselves, in an effort to become men, and watch and learn from the women who are out there raising families and learning through actual real world (and not Ivory Tower) living. And lose the jealousy. Palin is the popular, pretty girl who doesn’t fit the liberals’ ideology nor their idea of what a woman: should be. So, the other mean, catty, lesser girls (and boys) must scurry to their diaries and scrawl out insults. What is it, Jerry? Payback for collapsing with laughter when you asked us to the prom?

Finally, if you are going to persist with your sexism and your jealousy projections, at least be clever about it. Your talking points and alleged jokes are as lame and old as Larry “I actually am older than Methuselah” King. Then again, what can we expect from the same folks who find calling other people “tea-baggers” the very height of humor.

(Originally posted at David Horowitz’s NewsReal)

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