MSNBC Hosts are Really Shocked by Clinton’s Stunning Drop in New Poll (It’s Bad) [Video]

MSNBC Hosts are Really Shocked by Clinton’s Stunning Drop in New Poll (It’s Bad) [Video]

So bad, it’s good. Gee… I just can’t figure out why that would be… Wait! Maybe it’s because she’s a raving Marxist and a b*tch. That’s it. MSNBC despises Trump because Americans love him. He’s representing what they want addressed. Hillary… well, she’s pandering to her Progressive base, peddling everything from the butchering of the unborn, to taxes, to shredding the Constitution. She’s a smorgasbord of evil. Bernie Sanders is just as bad. What is funny here is the shock at Liberal MSNBC over these polls. Their reality just got rocked. The Hildebeast is in big doo-doo politically. Americans have had enough of this communist crap and they have been watching Hillary’s murderous ways. She’s simply the worst Secretary of State we have ever had – why should America promote an incompetent harpy? Hillary should just go away.

Hillary Clinton

From TheBlaze:

At MSNBC, Wednesday morning started with multiple attacks on Donald Trump, but quickly shifted focus when some new poll data showed a “stunning” problem brewing in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

A new poll from Quinnipiac University “Q Poll” shows Mrs. Clinton with growing, negative “favorability” ratings in Iowa, Virginia and Colorado.

Mika Brzezinski announced, “I think we kinda missed a lede here.” The co-host seemed a little surprised by the new numbers showing leading democratic candidate’s increasing “unfavorable” ratings in some key swing states.

In addition to Clinton’s problems in Iowa, Virginia and Colorado, the new poll also shows the presumed nominee has trouble when she faces some of the leading GOP candidates. According to the new Quinnipiac poll of Iowa voters, the former secretary of state would lose by a wide margin to Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio.

An astonished Joe Scarborough could barely contain himself: “Those numbers are stunning.”

Looking for some clarity on the polling data, Scarborough asked “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd, “What does the Democratic party do about numbers like this in Iowa, Virginia and other important swing states — Colorado for gosh sakes?”

Todd shared his analysis: ”If it wasn’t for Donald Trump, the biggest story of the summer would be Hillary Clinton’s problems solidifying herself inside the party.”

“This also fits another pattern of hers,” said Todd. “Whenever she’s been out front as the face of the Democratic party, her numbers have gone down. They always have.”

“Why is that?” Scarborough wondered. To which Todd quickly replied, “You could simply say, she doesn’t ‘wear well.’”

Doesn’t ‘wear well?’ You can say that again – twice. All that corruption is showing on her haggard face. Maybe her poor showing is because people remember that time she got four of our own in Benghazi killed and then tried to blame it all on a YouTube video and then was nowhere to be found. How about the Clinton Foundation uber corruption? How about getting drunk and dancing with women across the globe? Oh, there are sooo many things over decades to despise Hillary for. Not to mention she hates America and Americans. Those numbers aren’t stunning. They are long overdue and not nearly bad enough, if you ask me. Most of these polls I don’t trust at all – especially when it comes to how they portray conservatives. No one relates to the Hildebeast and spare me… Socialist Sanders is hardly better. The Democrats are just embarrassing these days.

Hillary Clinton

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