MSNBC: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, It’s Hard To Tell Those Black Guys Apart

Contessa Brewer over at MSNBC committed what could have been a : job ending mistake — had she been a Republican.

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Here’s what was said:

“Joining me now to talk about this and the nation’s real problem of joblessness, the Reverend Al Sharpton,” Brewer said.

“I’m Reverend, Jesse Jackson,” Jackson replied.

“Right, I’m so sorry,” an embarrassed Brewer responded. “The script in front of me said ‘Reverend Al Sharpton.’ I’m looking at your face. I know who you are, Reverend Jackson, we all do. I’m sorry.”

Now did anything racist happen there? No, of course not — but, as Gawker pointed out, “If Fox News did this, there would be sit-ins.”

So, how is it that MSNBC gets a pass for this when anyone at Fox would be forced to walk the plank for the same mistake?

Well, it’s simple: The Right has completely ceded the ability to decide what’s racist and what isn’t to the Left.

If bottom feeding scumbags like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Julian Bond get to make the decisions about what’s racist and what isn’t, of course conservatives are going to continually be put in no-win situations.

Conservatives need to stop accepting their judgments about what’s racist and what’s not. We also need to elevate people on our side who can cry “racism” when need be and defend those of us on the Right when we’re smeared.

As long as people like Jesse Jackson get to decide what’s racist and what isn’t, conservatives are always going to lose on race issues, no matter what else we do.

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