MSNBC Thug Ed Schultz Calls for Nationalization of Airwaves

Here’s MSNBC yapper Ed Schultz on his radio show, sharing his philosophy regarding freedom of speech for more popular competitors:

Hell, if we’re going to be socialists, let’s be socialists all across the board.

That is, why stop at nationalizing the auto industry, the mortgage industry, health insurance, student loans, et cetera? Let’s also nationalize radio, so that Rush Limbaugh and anyone else not on board with what is being done to our country by the radical left can be silenced.

This is the mentality of the liberal governmedia. If we don’t live in a totalitarian country within 10 years, it will only be because patriots rose up to stop Schultz, Obama, and the ideology they personify.

Hearing is believing.

Via Real Clear Politics, on a tip from Oiao. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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