Muslim Woman Wears Hijab Resembling American Flag on Fox News and She’s Republican

Muslim Woman Wears Hijab Resembling American Flag on Fox News and She’s Republican

When I first saw this video, I wasn’t sure what to feel. Mostly I felt offended. I understand she isn’t wearing an actual flag, but after 9/11 and all the terrorist attacks that have occurred, it strikes me as being done in very bad taste. Saba Ahmed went viral because she wore a hijab on Fox News fashioned to resemble an American flag. She was discussing the issue of radicalized mosques and arguing the fact that you should not shut them down because a terrorist belonged to or founded one. Yes, you should. Katrina Piarson strongly agrees with me and took exception to Ahmed’s protestations. If a mosque has terrorist ties, it should be investigated and if the leaders or a preponderance of members are terrorist connected, that mosque should be shut down. The authorities would do that to other churches as Pearson points out. Mosques should not get special treatment, in fact, they should be scrutinized much more because they are a magnet for Islamic radicals and terrorists.


From IJReview:

Saba Ahmed took the world by storm when she recently appeared on Fox News in order to discuss the idea, posited by Donald Trump, of closing down mosques in the wake of the Paris attacks.

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It wasn’t her words that took over the Internet, however. It was what she was wearing.

Even more interesting? Saba Ahmed is a Republican, though she hasn’t always been one.

She spoke to The Slot and discussed her transition from Democrat to Republican:

“I switched parties in 2011,” she said.

“The more I studied my party platform, the more I realized that I aligned with Republican values more than Democratic ones.

I couldn’t justify abortion, for example, with what Islam preaches.

So I changed parties, although it’s been very challenging. They haven’t exactly been welcoming.”

Ahmed went further, suggesting that Muslims, in general, have much in common with the Republican party:

“We have so much more in common with Republicans.

We have conservative values: pro-life, in favor of traditional families.”

Saba Ahmed, who runs a group called the Republican Muslim Coalition, also spoke about the current crop of presidential candidates.

She hasn’t picked one to vote for yet, due to their views on Muslims:

“I haven’t picked my candidate, but we’re trying to work with all of them.

“All of them are pretty much the same when it comes to Islam—in other words, bad—but we want to change their perspective.”

Ahmed wants to take the Republican candidates to a mosque, so they can see Muslims engaged in prayer.

She even extended this offer to Donald Trump, who has said he supports the idea of creating a registry that Muslims would be required to join:

“I want to host him at Friday prayers. I want him to see how we pray.”

The original video of her appearance on Fox News has been viewed more than a million times.

Trump never said register all Muslims. That is a falsehood being put forth by the media in an attempt at political assassination. Trump is right when he says we have to investigate mosques nationwide and their terrorist affiliations. I sincerely doubt he would go to Friday prayers with this woman. She is claiming that Muslims have a lot in common with Republicans because they are pro-family and anti-abortion. But that’s about where it stops. Conservative Republicans do not view women as lesser beings or property. We do not stand against Constitutional rights regarding free speech and a whole host of other rights that traditional Islam does not adhere to. We are against Shariah Law and all it’s rules and punishments. I look at her Republican Muslim Coalition and I see an attempt to infiltrate the Republican Party and convert them to Islam. I find it repugnant and transparent. She even says she wants to change the candidates’ perception of Islam. That won’t fly. Especially with ongoing terrorism across the globe.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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