New ‘The View’ Co-Host Candace Cameron Asks For Prayers To Fight Liberal Hate

New ‘The View’ Co-Host Candace Cameron Asks For Prayers To Fight Liberal Hate

I have an incredible amount of respect for Candace Cameron-Bure. She is an open Christian in media and a very brave and principled woman. My prayers are with her. She is literally surrounded by hate and those who have no soul, ethics or morals. I’m not sure I could do what she does – it takes someone very grounded in their beliefs to do that kind of battle every day. Candace has more fans and supporters out there than she knows. I hope they take to social media with their support for her and that The View sees it.

Candace Cameron

From Breitbart:

Anticipating attacks from The View’s not so tolerant liberal fanbase, new permanent co-host Candace Cameron-Bure took to social media on Labor Day to ask her fans for support and prayers.

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“As I prepare for my first official day as a co-host of the view tomorrow it may seem somewhat anti-climactic as I’ll only be on one segment. (Tune in to find out why.) but as I return throughout the season on a more permanent basis, here is what I ask in addition to your prayers,” the former Full House star wrote on her private Facebook page, according to E! News.

The conservative TV star added: “Please encourage me if you watch the show. Please tag the view on your social media outlets if you have anything kind to say about me or my viewpoint.”

Cameron-Bure also wrote:

The majority of the feedback I get from the view is from liberals (whom I love) but are mean, hateful and downright nasty toward me. It’s incredibly disheartening to read. And while I know I have the support of many, most of those supporters don’t vocalize it on social media. So all I read and the view hears are the negative and discouraging comments I am tagged to that call me a vile discussing [sic] worthless and bigoted human being.

The 39-year-old then asked her supporters to not do “what many often do on voting day…. not show up.”

“Be a voice- if not for me but for a show like this so they can hear more than one point of View! If we don’t speak up, they’ll never know,” said Cameron-Bure.

Following the departures of Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace, The View has added two Christian co-hosts, with hopes the balance will help improve ratings for the 19th season of the ABC talk show.

Cameron-Bure joins ABC News correspondent Paula Faris, also an open Christian, who will serve as the show’s token journalist.

Former co-host Joy Behar is also returning this season.

Joy Behar is a vile human being and I can’t stand watching her. She gives media bias a whole new depth. This is why The View has been tanking in ratings. They are so politically biased that no one can stand to watch them. Candace will add more balance there and I know I would enjoy hearing her point of view. The others just seriously tick me off. Paula Faris should also be fun to watch. I hope this season will be a breath of fresh air with the addition of two Christians to the mix. But Joy is still there and she’s a liberal buzz kill. Maybe, just maybe, for once The View will somewhat appeal to real Americans out there. However, adding token Christians does not usually work. It just makes vile hacks like Behar look even more vile.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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