Newsweek Attacks Marriage

You can’t always learn what malignant objectives leftists are pursuing by listening to what they accuse the resistance of. Sometimes you have to stoop to reading their most execrable publications — like MSNBC’s website, which recently proclaimed in flagrant opposition to all evidence that fathers are not needed, or Newsweek, which asks us to believe that marriage isn’t either:

Once upon a time, marriage made sense. … But 40 years after the feminist movement established our rights in the workplace, a generation after the divorce rate peaked, and a decade after Sex and the City made singledom chic, marriage is — from a legal and practical standpoint, anyway — no longer necessary.

Since our liberal rulers stack the deck against marriage, we may as well abandon the whole notion:

Thanks largely to the efforts of same-sex-marriage advocates, heterosexual couples have more unmarried rights to partnership now than ever. … To put the icing on the cake, it often pays to stay single: federal law favors unmarried taxpayers in almost every case — only those whose incomes are wildly unequal get a real tax break — and under President Obama’s new health plan, low-earning single people get better subsidies to buy insurance. As Diana Furchtgott-Roth, writing for the Hudson Institute, put it, “Goodbye, marriage.” As of 2013, “unwed Americans may find it even more advantageous — financially, anyway — to stay single.”

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Even more astonishing arguments in favor of abandoning holy matrimony include the claims that “having children out of wedlock lost its stigma a long time ago” (maybe it has among liberals); “women who use their partner’s [i.e., husband’s] name are regarded as less intelligent, less competent, less ambitious, and thus less likely to be hired”; and “the permanence of marriage seems naive, almost arrogant.” Anthropologist Helen Fisher is trotted out from her ivory tower to announce that humans are actually meant to have monogamous relationships that last only for three or four years. Apparently kids don’t need families after that.

This pernicious garbage is belied by our moonbat overlords’ motives in publishing it. American society has to be destroyed before it can be “fundamentally transformed” (i.e., replaced by something radically different and unspeakably vile). The liberal media’s hostility toward the family confirms that it is what holds our civilization together.

On a tip from Ianto. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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