NY Times: Snow Caused by Global Warming

There’s a price to be paid for painting yourself into a corner by promoting a hoax. The New York Slimes is paying it with the last tattered remnants of its credibility in a hilarious attempt to convince us that global warming caused mountains of snow to bury large parts of the country.

Most climate scientists respond [to those of us guffawing at statists’ farcical “crisis”] that the ferocious storms are consistent with forecasts that a heating planet will produce more frequent and more intense weather events.

That is, all weather events are caused by global warming. It must be true, because the government that has been spending $zillions of our money on “research” to push the hoax as a Trojan horse for a massive power grab and the largest tax increase in history (politely known as Cap & Trade) says so:

A federal government report issued last year, intended to be the authoritative statement of known climate trends in the United States, pointed to the likelihood of more frequent snowstorms in the Northeast and less frequent snow in the South and Southeast as a result of long-term temperature and precipitation patterns. The Climate Impacts report, from the multiagency United States Global Change Research Program, also projected more intense drought in the Southwest [back on earth, the desert around Phoenix has been turning green from all the rain] and more powerful Gulf Coast hurricanes [back on earth, when was the last big one?] because of warming.

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In other words, if the government scientists are correct, look for more snow.

If there’s snow in the winter, we’ll know the government was right. If there isn’t, we’ll know global warming made it melt.

Unfortunately the Shady Gray Lady is late to the story once again. Both snow and the lack of snow have already been added to the Warmlist.

The global warming crisis deepens.

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