Obama and A Moronic Room With A View

I hate The View. I can’t think of anything that I’d like to watch less than a bunch of inane broads, prattling on about their va-jay-jays endlessly while pretending that they are oh so cool and hip. In fact, the entire premise of the show annoys me. “Oh look at us! 4 (or 5) women sitting around talking ! Aren’t we super awesome and daring? Isn’t this bold and unique?”

Um, no.You’ll see the same thing every morning in many households in those “bitter” small towns, after the school bus picks up the kids. Only with real coffee not some chai tea business. And better conversation. And hotter, younger dames. Plus, I am pretty sure that a bunch of old, embarrassingly stupid, unattractive women discussing their “va-jay-jays” is one of the modern day seven signs of the Apocalypse. If not, it should be. The use of the term va-jay-jay is another, I’m certain. What happened to the much more elegant and classy “naughty bits”? Oh, right. Feminists happened. You’ve come a long way, baby!

So anyway, apparently, President Obama has no such qualms. In fact, he finds The View preferable to attending the 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts. Makes sense, I suppose. I mean, the boy scouts are just a bunch of kids that other people were “punished by”. Plus, it’s all American like apple pie and stuff, which we know he thinks is super icky.

Reuters — President Barack Obama will appear on female chat show “The View” on Thursday, in what the ABC network said on Monday was the first appearance by a sitting U.S. president on a daytime TV talk show.

“We are so pleased and honored that President Obama will be a guest on ‘The View.’…This shows that both the president and first lady feel that our show is an influential and important source of information and news,” Walters, 80, said in a statement.

Another sign of the Apocalypse? The View considered an important source of information and news. Although, to be fair, they may be slightly more credible than most of the members of JournoList.

I can’t wait to hear the questions they ask of President Obama, particularly those posed by two women who could actually turn me into a misogynist: Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. They may revisit their scintillating and insightful commentary wherein they accused white men of being “traumatized” by a black President. Or, perhaps once again share with us the difference between regular old — and apparently acceptable to them — rape and rape-rape? Maybe even discuss Whoopi’s concern that strict constructionists on the Supreme Court will “make her a slave. again.” Firstly, dude. That is the most idiotic strawman of all idiotic strawmen. Secondly, again? Evidently, she’s 150 years old or something (math is hard)

If anything is traumatized, it will be our country by Obama’s policies. Which they, of course, won’t ask about. There was a game on twitter today, hash tagged #predictedtoughviewquestions. Sadly, I do believe they may be quite prescient. Here are a few that I expect to be asked of Obama on The View

“Do you know CPR? Because, you take my breath away”
“Would you say that you are The MOST Awesome, or THE Most Awesome?”
“So, about your ‘laser like focus’ on jobs … your eyes are *gorgeous*, by the way”
“It’s so awful that the “f**king NASCAR retards” don’t get all the nuance-y nuance of your nuance-iness, isn’t it?”

The Obama “very special episode” is to air on Thursday and I plan to watch, if only to point and snicker. I’ve set my DVR because I, like the Boy Scouts whom President Obama is snubbing, am always prepared. Obama really should attend the Boy Scout anniversary, if only because he could stand to learn a thing or two about being prepared. He hasn’t been too good at that whole “ready to lead on Day One” thing.


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