Press: Give Up The Pretense, Wait You Kinda Have…

I’m waiting for the public announcement by CNN saying that they want to clarify their editorial perspective and that they’re biased to the left. Wouldn’t that be freeing for everyone? Stop the pretending to be objective and just clearly state a bias. It’s not like they’re even attempting to report unfavorable Obama news.

Imagine biased press conferences. On the one side, the conservative press people. On the other side, the liberal. The President could go back and forth between the sides and people could see the difference between the questions. They could decide who to listen to. They could decide who is fair.

They would also see 80% of the press line up on one side which is why the press has numbers like what Don Surber reports: Only 19% of people believe the press is fair.

So, they’re already considered biased. Why not make the covert overt and be done with it?

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