Putin using foreign news agency to wage WAR on U.S….Email Hacks just the beginning

Looks like Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is at it again, this time using a faux “news agency” he set up in Scotland to run his propaganda.

Putin has launched a “news” website centered in Edinburgh, Scotland, to “counter western media” and one of the first things he did was claim that the murder of a UK politician who supported the “stay” half of the Brexit vote was committed to scare Britain into staying with the EU.

Putin has also been blamed for the hacks into the U.S. Democrat Party servers exposing embarrassing emails and memos that proved the Dems were working secretly to destroy Bernie Sanders and his followers.

According to The Daily Mail:

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Paul Saunders, executive director of the Centre for National Interest told The Times, Putin is using the news agency to forward his agenda on the international stage.

He said: ‘Following Russia’s annexation of Crimea and support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, the EU and Russia have begun what appears to be a long-term confrontation.

‘As the weaker party, Moscow is seeking whatever levers it can find to undermine its opponents.’

Following the Scottish referendum, the site questioned whether the vote was rigged an managed to convince 100,000 people to sign an online petition to call for a rerun.

The “news” outlet is also fond of publishing stories that are unfavorable to Hillary Clinton, the Mail reports.

Warner Todd Huston

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