Rep. Renee Ellmers Details Obama’s War on Self Worth

Rep. Renee Ellmers Details Obama’s War on Self Worth

Smart Girl Politics’s annual summit concluded this past weekend with a solid slate of conservative women detailing the importance of being engaged in the national political discourse. : We hear all the time about how women, especially those of a conservative mold, are : marginalized, attacked, and degraded by the liberal media and their allies without mercy. : The so-called “war on women,” Obamacare, get out the vote, and leftist depravity were all focal points throughout the conference that was held at the Westin Hotel in Alexandria.

Rep. Renee Ellmers was one of the first speakers who initiated the general session with great comments about Obamacare, the role of government, and the president’s newly exposed antipathy towards small business owners and other members of the job creating class. : Rep. Ellmers reiterated the point that Americans take jobs they like and that the federal government doesn’t make that happen. : She cited Sara Blakley as an example. : Ms. Blakley, the founder of Spanx, embodied the entrepreneurial drive of America by putting her idea of manufacturing footless tights and shapewear (remember this is primarily a women’s conference) to work and created jobs and a billion dollar empire out of her innovative spirit. : Government didn’t make that happen. : Congresswoman Ellmers pressed on in her criticism that Obama seeks to eviscerate self-worth and the drive to succeed.

Rep. Renee Ellmers

Concerning the president’s record in creating jobs, Rep. Ellmers cited Solyndra and the green industry’s abject failure to create jobs and grow the economy, despite enormous subvention of funds–cough cough crony capitalism– from the government. : On the other hand, the Republican House has passed over thirty : bills that reduce the deficit, cut regulation, and create jobs. : Dependency and freedom are on the ballot box this year and these are the paths we are to choose come November. : As for the frivolous conservative criticism that we don’t care about the less fortunate, Rep. Ellmers stated that “we [conservatives] believe in helping, but we need to do it efficiently to serve those who need it most.” : Not in the way espoused by those of the liberal persuasion, which is to gleefully spend other people’s money until we hit a Greece-level event.


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