Reporter Silenced on Behalf of Sean Penn

Tinseltown totalitarian Sean Penn, a fawning admirer of socialist dictators, has learned from them when it comes to dealing with troublesome journalists:

A Yeas & Nays reporter [Tara Palmeri] was publicly berated and threatened to be escorted out by police on Thursday night when the reporter asked actor Sean Penn a controversial question about his humanitarian work in Haiti.

Penn, who recently has been criticized for his motivations in [posturing before cameras in] Haiti, recently told CBS News he hopes his critics “die screaming of rectal cancer.”

Members of the media were invited to a gala hosted at the Washington Hebrew Congregation and were allowed to ask one question each of the actor in a closed-door news briefing.

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When the Yeas & Nays reporter asked, “How have you seen your critics change since you mentioned that they should die of rectal cancer?” publicity coordinator C.J. Jordan interrupted to say the reporter was only allowed to talk about the Haitian benefit. …

Jordan ended the interview, and publicly scolded the reporter outside of the media room. Jordan told the reporter that to keep her job, she needed to write a letter of apology to the Haitian ambassador. The publicity coordinator then threatened to have the reporter escorted out of the building by the police. …

The congregation’s Rabbi Bruce Lustig attempted to take the reporter’s recording device and delete the material. The reporter was approached by police and threatened to be escorted out, even though she responded calmly and exited quickly.

It’s very forward-looking of Penn to already have his Praetorian Guard in place to keep the peasants at bay, in case he gets impatient with the pace of Hopey Change and decides to stage a communist coup. If Tara tries any impudent questions then, she’ll soon have her fingernails pried off, as would happen under the rule of Penn’s heroes Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez. It would serve her right for discomfiting a Great Man of the People.

In the meantime, Penn will have to make do with his dolls.

Spicoli learned about silencing the press from a pro.

On a tip from Nancz. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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