Right Nation 2010: Video of Glenn Beck and Rep. Aaron Schock

I am working on some video form the Right Nation 2010 event. So far I have a few minutes of Glenn Beck and Illinois Representative Aaron Schock already finished.

I’ll start with the beginning of Glenn Beck’s more than hour long address to the gathered. His talk was well received, chock full of humor and patriotism, and left the crowd highly energized once he was done.

I have captured his first few minutes of his part of the program (as they didn’t allow us to record the whole thing).

Next up is Illinois Representative Aaron Schock’s press conference. Unfortunately I only have a few minutes of this because the memory in my camera was full and the thing shut down on me. Sigh.

Here is my Twitter stream of the night for a blow-by-blow (my last tweet is on top):

Final attendance at #rn2010: 5,416

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: it’s just the beginning… Glenn has finished his remarks. Thanks for sticking with my live tweets of Right Nation 2010.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: In 40 days and 40 nights we will fundamentally change this nation. This isn’t the end of the Amer. experiment

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: If we do this we will not lose our sacred honor.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: … and the answer will be no. But at the other end we will have made freedom.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: each and every one of us, if we want to restore this country, WILL say “have I not done enough for my country?”

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: Washington’s officers didn’t dishonor themselves once seeing this great man humbled by losing his eyesight in service

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: Ge’l Washington told his officers “Gentlemen we did not overthrow one tyrant to replace him with another.”

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: When the Continental army wanted to descend on Congress, Gen’l Washington rode to congress and fought for their pay.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: God needs man to be free. IF we don’t pursue it we will destroy ourselves.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: I can have faith in many things but only in God can I have firm reliance.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: We pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor… look for the coincidence that will lead you forward.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: With firm reliance on divine providence.. do not dismiss anything as coincidence. You have a job to do!

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: introducing the 40 day and 40 night challenge…

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: We the people, we are the last line of defense!

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: if you’re not freaked out by what’s happening in this country, what WILL freak you out?

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: If all 3 branches of gov’t starts to fade it’s UP TO US!

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: The solution is right in front of us. I believe in the code of the Constitution.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: we are not stupid and we refuse to be treated like children. We aren’t going to stand for it any longer.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: We need term limits, get ’em in, get ’em out… who’s next?

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: If you’re a politician you’re going into the viper’s den. They will find that termite that will eat you from the inside.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: I don’t know about you but I just want someone to tell us the truth in Washington. I can handle it, I’m a big boy.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: I don’t want anyone nudging me… get away from my french fries Mrs. Obama. I got a place for your carrot stick!

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: Why is that the left can’t figure it out? It’s that they don’t believe in the intelligence or power of the individual.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: Refuse to be quiet about God. God is seven days a week 365 days a year not just Sunday.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: Millions of Americans need help. Govt will do it if we don’t. Let’s put gov’t out of business and do it ourselves

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: We didn’t magically become the most charitable, our religion and our civil religion created that.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: What makes us charitable, what makes us great? God. If it makes you uncomfortable… GET OVER IT!

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: What gives us the ability to be the most charitable nation in history is our Constitution.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: Hope comes from the truth and restoring our history will restore hope.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: We must RESTORE our churches, our history, and our Constitution.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: They destroyed our history. Destroyed our love for our founders.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: Obama left out the part on God when talking about American rights. He had TWO TELEPROMPTERS!

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: Find out about “social justice.” It is a cancer on us.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: Some of the words of Teddy Roosevelt are absolutely terrifying. He began the Progressive Party.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: A slick as or a slick politician won’t change anything. It’s neighbor to neighbor that will change everything.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: I feel like I’ve been the town crier in more ways than one. But I have good news. America is AWAKE!

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: I don’t take on the right. I take on the GOP establishment because they’re lying to us.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: Am I the leader of the Tea Party? NO. I am not a leader. The leader is you. I’m just here to remind you who you are.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: The iPad, the iPhone didn’t come from gov’t. It came from Steve Jobs… emphasis on JOBS

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: We must stop the establishment from pitting each of us against each other.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: We need to reach out to neighbors that might be on the other side of the aisle.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: We need an end to the out of control spending, an end to the insanity.

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: The next chapter? Are you going to continue to gather?

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: As the Tea Party finds itself to create the beginning of the end of the establishment

#rn2010 Glenn Beck: The best headline I’ve seen on the news lately has been “Establishment Freaked!”

#rn2010 Rep. Aaron Schock: introducing Randy Hultgren, David Ratowitz, Isaac Hayes, Joe Walsh all running for Congress.

#rn2010 Rep. Aaron Schock: Illinois could be ground zero for the new Republican majority.

#rn2010 Rep. Aaron Schock: The silver lining is that WE live in a country where we can do something about it.

#rn2010 Rep. Aaron Schock: we need leaders willing to stand up to rogue states like Venez. and Iran… and NOT the state of Arizona.

#rn2010 Rep. Aaron Schock: we need those tax cuts to remain permanent.

#rn2010 Rep. Aaron Schock: Obamacare will make our healthcare more expensive

#rn2010 Rep. Aaron Schock: in Obamacare there are a thousands times where it says “the sec. shall,” meaning gov’t will decide our healthcare

#rn2010 Rep. Aaron Schock: We need more nuclear plants to level the energy playing field

#rn2010 Rep. Aaron Schock: we are less energy independent than we were when we created the Dept. of energy!

#rn2010 Rep. Aaron Schock: More people think Elvis is alive than believe the stimulus created any jobs.

#rn2010 Andrew Breitbart: This is not about Nov. this is about the future. This is not about a few months its about 100 years of organizing

#rn2010 Andrew Breitbart: The majority of the country is with the Tea Party.

#rn2010 Andrew Breitbart: WE are the media now. We are all cameramen, all writers. We are having fun at the left’s expense.

#rn2010 Andrew Breitbart: Obama’s website sent out messages to get lefty protesters out to this event. They are astroturf.

#rn2010 Andrew Breitbart: They had a sign that said Beck lies. I asked them to give me 1 example. They said “I won’t fall into your trap.”

#rn2010 Andrew Breitbart: I was next to a stop the hate sign and they called me a homosexual. Stop the hate?

#rn2010 Andrew Breitbart: If you want to stop these people confront them and ask them questions.

#rn2010 Andrew Breitbart: Who saw the protesters? Any body know where they went? They got into their buses and went home.

#rn2010 Andrew Breitbart: the powerhouse comes to the stage!!

#rn2010 Bill Brady: we need vol. to stop vote fraud so sign up.

#rn2010 Bill Brady: We need to have school choice and END career politicians.

#rn2010 Bill Brady:we are going to balance the budget WITHOUT raising taxes.

#rn2010 Bill Brady: if debt equaled jobs we’d be the number one place in the nation in Illinois.

#rn2010 Bill Brady: @emzanotti says Bill has a bad tie. But what do I know?

#rn2010 Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady speaking to the crowd now.

#rn2010: Interview with Herman Cain… he IS exploring a run for president. Video later on.

#rn2010 John Fund: Every time D.C. governs from left at almost 16 yr intervals voters rise up and send D.C. to the right. THIS is the time!!

#rn2010 John Fund: YOU are the voice of the new politics.

#rn2010 Rep. Hoekstra: John Fund up next at Right Nation

#rn2010 Rep. Hoekstra: we need to CLOSE the borders or send elected officials packing.

#rn2010 Rep. Hoekstra says the Tea Party will defeat Washington because we stand on principle.

Lefty protesters bussed in on Chicago Public School buses here at Right Nation. http://bit.ly/a3qTpX http://fb.me/HWawOhrL about 22 hours ago via Facebook

#rn2010 Lefty protesters bussed in on Chicago Public School buses here at Right Nation. http://bit.ly/a3qTpX

I have to say, THIS is a perfect example of how Twitter is used effectively — if I do say so myself. I had quite a few tweets from folks saying that they followed the night on my feed, so this worked out quite well.

Of course, I could not tweet every speaker because there were times when I was in the media room interviewing the notables. But I was able to do Almost all of Beck’s address.

More video to come…

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