Rush Limbaugh Drops BOMBSHELL Over Order Fox News Received Prior To GOP Debate

Rush Limbaugh Drops BOMBSHELL Over Order Fox News Received Prior To GOP Debate

Boy, have the elitist RINOs miscalculated when it comes to Donald Trump. They’ve done nothing but add to his popularity – they are making him bigger than life and a legend. Whoever is their strategist should be fired and retire to evil-minions-are-us. Trump has got to be loving this. Rush Limbaugh called it and was right on the money. The only thing none of us saw coming was the bombshell that Fox News was the actual hit man taking aim at Trump. Megyn Kelly has gotten way too full of herself and this backfired on her big time. Bad career move. Her bias and dislike of The Donald was blatant and her questions to him were defamatory and misleading. They were political heel nips worthy of media curs. The only candidate that overtly attacked Trump was Rand Paul and that just came off as pathetic. One or two other jabs from other candidates were lobbed and fell flat. I would wager that the Fox News moderators got their marching orders and directives from Karl Rove and the Bush team. Fox fail.


From the Conservative Tribune:

The first GOP primary debate of the year, hosted by Fox News and moderated by three of their best, kicked off in headline-grabbing style when the moderator team backed candidate Donald Trump into a corner about the possibility of running on a third-party ticket.

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But the attacks didn’t stop there. Out of the six questions that Trump was asked, most of them were nothing more than thinly veiled attacks in what conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh suggested was a targeted effort by the GOP establishment to slam the brakes on Trump’s momentum.

While Limbaugh had reported that there was a strong possibility that “big-time Republican donors had ordered to take out Donald Trump,” he and most others assumed the attackers would be Trump’s fellow candidates.

But when the debate wrapped up, he explained that Fox News was the real hit man.

“We assumed that the orders went out to the candidates. But the candidates did not make one move toward taking Donald Trump out. The broadcast network did; the candidates didn’t,” Limbaugh said on his Friday show.

That opinion was widely shared by other pundits Friday, as well as tens of thousands of angry, once-loyal Fox News viewers who took to Megyn Kelly’s Facebook page and wrote paragraphs of how disgusted they were by her obvious attack on Trump while she tossed softballs to others like establishment favorite Jeb Bush.

Limbaugh explained that the other candidates had multiple chances to pounce on Trump during several questions, especially when Chris Wallace pressed Trump on specifics of where he received his information that led to his controversial remarks on illegal immigration.

But not one of them took advantage of the question. They were silent (H/T Rush Limbaugh).

“If Trump maintains his support or if it grows, you are gonna see a mainstream establishment that will not have any idea how to explain it,” Limbaugh concluded. “They will not believe it, and it might drive ’em nuts, because they think he didn’t finish last night.”

And we’re all for anything that drives the mainstream establishment nuts.

For the most part, the candidates didn’t want to dog pile on the Trumpster. They wanted to address the issues. But the moderators had other ideas. Between preening for their own photo takes, they were conducting a very bad reality show. It wasn’t a debate – it was a Republican Fight Club. Guess what? Trump still came out on top. At one point on social media, Trump had over 50% of the support out there, blowing everyone else off the map. The Republicans must have paled at that development. Especially since Jeb Bush was just boring and predictably mouthing his Progressive plans arrogantly to the little people. Except the little people are ticked and aren’t buying his crap anymore. I think the establishment’s heads are going to explode over the Trump phenomenon. That’s okay, Trump will profit from clean up on aisle three.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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