Sean Hannity Drops Bombshell on Twitter – Things Are About to Get Ugly

Sean Hannity Drops Bombshell on Twitter – Things Are About to Get Ugly

Sean Hannity is meeting with his attorneys and getting ready to go after those that are slandering and defaming him. On the top of that heap is probably Debbie Schlussel, who made false claims to a radio show host in Tulsa that Hannity had sexually harassed her. She later tried to walk it back somewhat, but still made sly accusations against Hannity. I doubt that Schlussel is alone on that list though. Hannity is a high-profile conservative celebrity and I’m sure he’s attacked incessantly. If I were his attackers, I’d step very carefully… I think Hannity has had enough.

Sean put out several tweets that were less than clear on who he was going after. But I have no doubt he’s getting ready to legally nail individuals who have been causing him grief. I wish him all the best in that particular hunt. Some people just simply need to be made an example of before they will cease and desist trolling and lying. Schlussel is one of those… she has harassed Hannity for years and I don’t blame him for going after her with his attorneys.

From The Independent Journal Review:

Fox News’s Sean Hannity took to Twitter on Sunday to suggest legal action revolving around unspecified claims.

From his tweets, it is not clear against whom Hannity will be seeking legal recourse. One possible individual is Debbie Schlussel, who has accused the Fox News anchor of trying to “get [her] to go back with him to the hotel after the show.” For his part, Hannity has promised legal action against Shlussel.

Hannity has called Schlussel’s comments “100 percent false” and called her a “serial harasser.”

In an interview with a Tulsa, Oklahoma, radio host, Schlussel said she rejected Hannity’s passes at her during an event in Detroit they were both attending and that she was no longer invited on the show after that.

Schlussel’s allegations came after another former anchor, Bill O’Reilly, was released from the network after accusations of sexual harassment.

This could have to do with the purge at Fox News as well. If I were Hannity, I’d definitely have my attorneys ready on that front. Hannity is no babe in the woods. He sees what is coming at Fox News and he will protect himself. He took to Twitter on Sunday night to shoot down critics and even hint at libel lawsuits against anyone accusing him of wrongdoing, writing, “I have a massive army.” That’s a little dramatic, but I have no doubt he has a fantastic legal team.

Hannity started off the barrage of tweets writing, “A lot of time with an army of attorneys. Topics include; libel, slander, defamation, tortious interference. Stay tuned.” Hannity said his issue is “way way way bigger than any one individual,” when a follower suggested that if former Fox news guest Debbie Schlussel backs off, he should go after her attorney. It is unclear who exactly Hannity was referring to in the tweets, other than Schlussel, but he clearly thinks he has numerous enemies at the moment. He eventually tweeted, “Thank you all irredeemable deplorable friends. I’m shutting down. Don’t want to give more away than I should. A team is on this. Stay tuned.” In John Hawkins’ New book, ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in number 16 of the book, “Be nice until it’s time to not be nice.” I think that Sean Hannity has decided the time for ‘niceness’ is over… now he’s getting ready to fight.

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