Sorry Casey Brezik, the Media Doesn’t Cover Your Kind

The “mainstream” media must have tired itself out reinventing Jared Loughner as a Tea Party conservative. They didn’t even bother trying to make Casey Brezik fit the template; instead they simply ignored it when he slashed the throat of a dean thinking it was the Governor of Missouri. Via American Thinker:

In September 2010 Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon was scheduled to speak at Penn Valley Community College in Kansas City.

At some point, wearing black clothes and a bullet-proof vest, 22 year-old Casey Brezik bolted out of a classroom, knife in hand, and slashed the throat of a dean. As he would later admit, he confused the dean with Nixon.

The story never left Kansas City. It is not hard to understand why. Knives lack the political sex appeal of guns, and even Keith Olbermann would have had a hard time turning Brezik into a Tea Partier.

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Indeed, Brezik seems to have inhaled just about every noxious vapor in the left-wing miasma: environmental extremism, radical Islam, anti-capitalism, anti-Zionism and Christophobia, among others.

In his “About Me” box on Facebook, Brezik listed as his favorite quotation one from progressive poster boy, Che Guevara. The quote begins “Our every action is a battle cry against imperialism” and gets more belligerent from there.

On his wall postings, Brezik ranted, “How are we the radical(s) (left) to confront the NEW RIGHT, if we avoid confrontation all together?”

Like most on the Left, Brezik sides with Islam against Western Civilization:

In reference to an article about Terry Jones and his proposed Quran burning, Brezik posted on the day before his planned assault, “This is now a Holy war. Scriptures have been desecrated. War U can’t handle. Make a choice and quick.”

Unfortunately for Brezik, he won’t be able to ignite a socialist revolution if his fellow lefties refuse to report his crime for fear it would expose liberalism as a sociopathic ideology.

Maybe we really do have a racist society. When a white guy goes berserk, the media grants him all the infamy he could ever desire. He doesn’t even have to quote Ronald Reagan or refer to the Bible; “journalists” will spin him into a conservative no matter how much dishonesty is required.

Race did not work in favor of Brezik getting any media coverage.

On tips from J, Smorfia48, Hail the Amberlamps!, Manuel, and AC. Hat tips: Ed Driscoll, Gateway Pundit. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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