Swastikas Painted On A Jewish Candidate’s Sign: Why Isn’t This A Front Page Story?

Swastikas Painted On A Jewish Candidate’s Sign: Why Isn’t This A Front Page Story?

If a noose is found on a college campus, it can be front page news all across the country. If some local Republican official in nowhereville, South Dakota says something racist, there’s a decent chance it’ll make the New York Times. If there’s a racist sign at a Tea Party in the backwaters of Louisiana, it’s treated as representative of the tens of millions of Americans who attend Tea Parties.

So, with all that in mind, why is this being treated as a non-story by the mainstream media?

Nazi graffiti

Symbols of the National Socialist Party (NAZIs) were recently spray-painted on signs of a Jewish Republican candidate for Maine State Senate. Blogger Al Diamon DownEast.com explains:

Last week, somebody defaced some of Republican state Senate candidate Roger Katz’s campaign signs in Augusta with anti-Semitic slurs. The wording of the messages indicated the graffiti was probably not the work of kids, since it mirrored phrases favored by neo-Nazi hate groups (including the acronym “ZOG,” which stands for “Zionist Occupation Government”).

You’d think that such an incident might be news, particularly since Katz is the city’s mayor, and the vandalism was reported to police. But the Kennebec Journal didn’t seem to think the story merited coverage. Nor would it allow publication of at least two letters to the editor on the subject – one of them from a city councilor.

That embargo remained in place for nearly a week, ending on October 8, after the story showed up on WGME-TV out of Portland. Even then, the KJ gave it only a brief mention in the second section.

The number of stories showing up about this under a search for “roger Katz nazi” at Google News? 1.

Welcome to life in America, where the media has decided racism aimed at Republicans means little and is symbolic of nothing, while every act of racism at a Democrats is incredibly significant and represents an entire movement.

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