‘Tea Partiers Who Support Donald Trump Are Racist’ GLENN BECK Said WHAT?

Sometimes The Blaze founder and radio host Glenn Beck seems to go off the rails.

Beck is just coming back from a fairly damaging imbroglio in which he called Sarah Palin a “clown” and had to walk the statement back amid a sizable backlash, and he’s in the midst of digging out from the fallout over his having requested American’s raise millions of dollars to provide sanctuary for Syrian Muslim refugees in America.

And, as if to prove disasters come in threes, Beck is now saying that the Tea Party folks who support Donald Trump are racists – which isn’t likely to persuade anyone not to support Trump…

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On Tuesday, talk radio host Glenn Beck accused the Tea Party supporters of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump of being racists.

While he questioned whether Trump’s supporters are genuine Tea Partiers, Beck said of them, “If you were a Tea Party person, then you were lying. You were lying. It was about Barack Obama being black. It was about him being a Democrat.” Although he later identified fellow talk show host Sean Hannity as a Tea Party supporter who thinks Trump is “a great guy,” Beck said that he simply disagrees with Hannity about Trump.

Beck’s comments came as part of a discussion of Trump’s rally in Texas yesterday before a sold-out crowd of 20,000. Beck stated, “The media’s making this look like [Trump’s supporters are] Tea Party people. I don’t think these are Tea Party people who are following him. Some of them may be, but I think these — I mean, you can’t — if you were a Tea Party person, then you were lying. You were lying. It was about Barack Obama being black. It was about him being a Democrat, because this guy is offering you many of the same things, as shallow as the same way. If you said to me that it bothered you about his past, you said to me, ‘Hey, what about his relationship with Jeremiah Wright? What about what he’s done here, here, and here?’ You’re not bothered by this guy, and it’s exactly the same thing.”

To be fair, there is a critique to be made of Trump supporters who call themselves Tea Partiers that Trump doesn’t have the sufficient record or pedigree to make himself a believable standard-bearer for Tea Party ideals like limited government and the rule of law. And there is a critique to be made that if you’re calling yourself a patriot who believes in America as an idea you might be “settling” for Trump as a cultural figure for president rather than someone who has demonstrated that he understands the things you profess to understand.

It’s not objectionable, even if you’re a Trump supporter, to note that he’s not a perfect fit for a Tea Party constituency the way that a Ted Cruz or Rand Paul might be.

But racist? That’s going a bit far, no?

Barack Obama wasn’t just black. Barack Obama was a red-diaper baby, whose entire background – political and otherwise – was soaked in associations with radical communists and people who were distinctly anti-American. Trump might lack a conservative pedigree, but there is no basis to associate him with Obama’s questionable patriotism – there is an obvious difference between Obama’s effete citizen-of-the-world aura and Trump’s red-blooded nationalism.

And sure – Trump’s appeal so far is a relatively shallow one, as was Obama’s. But while Obama might have appealed to identity politics and done so as the first black president, his appeal to identity wasn’t just to black people – it was to gays, millennials, single women, Hispanics, Asians and others who saw themselves as part of “disfavored” minorities that he could emphasize with.

To make the “racist” connection, you have to think of Trump as someone who appeals to identity politics. That isn’t what Trump is saying at all. He might not be the warmest toward Mexicans, but he’s been clear in limiting his criticisms to illegals – and there are a decent number of Hispanics who actually don’t like illegal aliens.

Is Trump nothing more than a demagogue riling up racist white people? If he is, one wouldn’t suspect he would be polling as well as he has thus far. Beck might want to consider thinking through some of his more outlandish statements for fear that he’ll make himself less credible than his burgeoning media empire requires.

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