The Evolution of Statist Propaganda Into the Ultimate Toxin

A form of disinformation has been devised that is even more pernicious than the state-controlled media of 20th century totalitarian regimes like Hitler’s and Stalin’s. It is the ideologically controlled media of our own gradually hardening soft tyranny. Karen Siegemund puts it well at FrontPage Magazine:

Even before the recent revelations of the mind-bogging overreach of our current administration here in the United States, it has been clear that our mainstream media had an equivalent single-mindedness in their “reporting” and that is the furthering of the liberal/progressive agenda. …

The “Alphabet Stations:” ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN all provide nearly identical perspectives on all the main topics of the day, all choose to cover essentially the same items while ignoring others, and most importantly, all make every effort to give the impression of impartiality. Each of these networks considers itself “unbiased,” offering “The News” in such a way as to give the average American the sense — illusory as it is — that he or she now is informed about the world he or she lives in. It is this illusion of being informed that is, in fact, deeply pernicious. We don’t even realize we are being lied to; at least in Nazi Germany, that much was clear. …

When there is only one exception to this unanimity [the moderately conservative Fox News], and this exception is deliberately, constantly, consistently vilified by the party in power as well as the monolith itself, what we are forced to admit is that our press cannot tolerate diversity of opinion to the exact extent that the party it protects also cannot. The lock-step alignment both in narrative and focus on silencing alternative views is chilling and dangerous. That it is a voluntary alignment is even more so.

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In contrast to the liberal establishment media, even the Nazi and Soviet press had a redeeming quality: it was not deliberately attempting to destroy its own nation.

Ironically, while the Nazi press (and Pravda, and the press of other totalitarian regimes) worked in concert with the government’s agenda of enhancing the power of the nation and increasing its stance globally, the American press, also in concert with our government’s agenda, is working to diminish our stature globally and to cast, wherever possible, a negative light on America, American achievement, American traditional values and mores. How ironic that one way in which our current regime is different from that of Hitler’s (fully acknowledging the unspeakable horrors of his regime) is that Hitler saw his country as great and in some twisted way wanted to strengthen his country, whereas our president sees nothing about our country as great, and believes that a weaker America is better for us and the world at large. It is astonishing that a Head of State could even consider as a good thing the diminishing the power of the very nation he was elected to lead. It is beyond comprehension that our Commander in Chief actually believes that a weak America is a good thing globally. For a totalitarian leader to consolidate power in order to emasculate the nation he leads defies comprehension. And our press, our popular culture and our schools all have made this possible, and continue to advance this “We are the Evil Empire” anti-patriotic worldview.

Unless it is resisted aggressively, a monolithic media that brainwashes a nation into hating itself will eventually succeed in its mission, rendering us receptive to collectivist ideology and easier to rule. It will also result in the total destruction of our civilization, as has begun to happen before our very eyes.

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