The New York Times: Don’t Be Fringe Like Those Nazi Tea Partiers

The New York Times: Don’t Be Fringe Like Those Nazi Tea Partiers

The very responsible, level headed, non-partisan New York Times wrote an article encouraging Americans to give those scandalous Tea Party ruffians what-for at the ballot box by voting down their candidates.

In the article, they referred to Tea Partiers as the, “new fringe in American politics,” accused them of having the “basest political instincts,” said they had a “toxic message,” and said they engaged in “extremism.”

You’re probably thinking, “Ok, Hawkins, that sounds like about what we’d expect from the New York Times. So, where’s the story?”

Here’s the story: The same New York Times that’s accusing the Tea Party of being fringe extremists was running this kooky ad with the article,

NY Times Ad: Tea Partiers Are Nazis

Now, you may say, “John, the New York Times didn’t write that. It’s just an ad!” Yeah, but they aren’t running Google ads over there. They have their own sales team. So, that means the same organization that’s dishonestly claiming the Tea Party represents the “fringe,” “extremism,” and a “toxic message,” is giving the thumbs up to what is undeniably a fringe, extreme, and toxic ad of their own at the exact same time. And why is it okay? Solely because it’s aimed in the OTHER DIRECTION.

This is so typical of American politics. It’s the bully who claims to be the victim, the extremist who cries over extremism, and the bombthrower who always demands civility.

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