This is hysterical! Donald Trump Interviews Himself on the Tonight Show – It’s Huge!! [Video]

This is hysterical! Donald Trump Interviews Himself on the Tonight Show – It’s Huge!! [Video]

This is just hysterical! Jimmy Fallon plays Donald Trump and interviews Donald Trump in the mirror. It’s huge! Heh. After committing to combing his hair for three hours, he begins by addressing his fantastic self in the mirror. It’s classic Trump humor. If modesty is your gig, The Donald is not for you. I love his sense of humor and this skit is just priceless. Did you know Trump is really, really rich? Lol.

Trump in the Mirror

From Gateway Pundit:

Businessman Donald Trump killed it last night on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon.

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Donald Trump played himself in a skit where Jimmy Fallon played his alter-ego in a mirror.

Trump took on questions like immigration, jobs and his Vice Presidential pick.

Who else has the chops to pull that off? The guy has presence. Trump took on several questions addressed to himself and they were priceless. I loved the bit about Kanye West being the VP. He just threatened to run for the presidency after getting high. Funny. While on the Tonight Show, Trump did get somber about 9/11 though. “I’m a New Yorker, you’re a New Yorker; what does today mean to you?” Fallon asked. “In a certain sense it means strength, because the way the city bounced back. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Trump said. “There is a great strength and resilience we have in this country. We have amazing people.” His words were met with loud cheers from the studio audience and it became really apparent why Trump is currently leading his opponents (“by a lot,” as he noted). He projects confidence like a superpower, a belief that he is great and that all of America can be, as well. Trump just may get his chance to make America great again.

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