Gay TMZ Editor Rips Into A&E Hypocrisy Over Duck Dynasty Drama

Gay TMZ Editor Rips Into A&E Hypocrisy Over Duck Dynasty Drama

Harvey Levin, TMZ founder, is just appalled by A&E’s suspension of Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson. : He views this whole debacle as abject hypocrisy. : Levin, who is gay, tweeted earlier this week that he doesn’t agree with Phil’s remarks about homosexuality, but doesn’t find them hateful.

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He continues his evisceration of the network.

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Moreover, as Greg Pollowitz at National Review noted yesterday, A&E — for all their outrage — is still airing a lot of Duck Dynasty episodes.

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Video has surfaced: of other controversial statements by Robertson on gays from before A&E hired him to star in: Duck Dynasty. In other words, A&E knew what they were getting. And if they knew about his past, I want: to see how: his contract was: written that allows A&E: to suspend him over Robertson basically playing himself on a “reality” show.

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