TMZ Tries To SILENCE Blonde Anchor For BLASTING Beyonce’s Half Time Show – Humiliates Themselves…

TMZ Tries To SILENCE Blonde Anchor For BLASTING Beyonce’s Half Time Show – Humiliates Themselves…

Tomi Lahren stirred up the Beyhive by calling Beyonce out on her militant, racially divisive, cop-hating performance at the Super Bowl. Good for her. After she did that and it went viral, she got a number of death threats. It’s funny that when you say something that liberals don’t like, their first resort is to threaten you with violence. Tomi did an interview on TMZ Live where they tried to defend the actions of the communist, radical revolutionaries of the Black Panthers. She smacked them down good and proper. She said she was for the peaceful message of Martin Luther King, but not the violent one of the Black Panthers. I respect that, but personally, I believe that MLK was a communist as well. But I’ll take him over the BP’s any day. Beyonce is trying to egg on a race war and get cops killed. For that, she should be called out by all of us and boycotted.

Tomi Lahren

From BizPac Review:

BlazeTV anchor Tomi Lahren smacked down the hosts of TMZ Live who tried to make the Black Panthers seem like a civic organization.

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Lahren is getting attention after her rant slamming Beyonce’s Super Bowl 50 halftime salute to the Black Panthers went viral earlier this week.

The hosts, Harvey Levin and Charles Latibeaudiere, did their best to defend the Black Panthers by saying that the group only used violence in response to violence, but Lahren killed that argument.

“Is that the correct message to be sending? You got leaders, thought leaders and movement leaders like Martin Luther King, that (were) saying we want equality, we want to do this the right way,” Lahren said via Skype.

“Then you have the Black Panthers saying, ‘no, let’s react to violence with violence and that’s how we’re going to respond.’ No, if Beyonce would have saluted Martin Luther King, (I) wouldn’t have taken an issue with it. It’s the fact that you supported a group that says ‘I don’t think peace works, we’re going to use violence,’” Lahren continued.

“Is that what you guys want? You want to go about it in a violent manner? Is that the solution?” she asked. “We’ve got police brutality, we’ve got officer involved shootings, so the solution to that is to have a race war against each other?”

Word has it that race wars on the streets of America are on the menu for next summer. The Black Lives Matter movement, the New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam are all busy getting their hate on and ready. Tomi Lahren is telling these trolls that she won’t be silenced… not now, not ever. Bring it. “I expressed myself,” she told Levin and Latibeaudiere. “I’m using my First Amendment right to do so. And those that want to attack my using their First Amendment rights? Go for it. But I would just suggest that they do it in a way that wasn’t violent or in the use of profanity, but I guess that might be too much to ask for some of these fans.” These people want violence and chaos and Beyonce is just one soldier in a much bigger demonic army. Get ready to dance.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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