WHAT! Tomi Lahren Goes Up Against Joy Behar And It Results In…Peace!? [VIDEO]

WHAT! Tomi Lahren Goes Up Against Joy Behar And It Results In…Peace!? [VIDEO]

Is it possible for someone as unapologetically liberal as Joy Behar and someone as wildly conservative as Tomi Lahren to find common ground on anything political?

To our surprise (and yours, I’m sure) the answer is actually “yes.” Even more shocking is the fact that they agreed on a section of the Trump “travel ban.”


TheBlaze’s resident millennial went onto The View to discuss President Donald Trump’s revamped “travel ban” that prevents immigrants and refugees from noted countries from entering the United States.

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Behar attempted to corner Lahren on Trump’s campaign rhetoric, but the millennial quickly conceded that one of the President’s biggest problems is his bombastic nature. While discussing the policy itself, Lahren stated that we need to “name the enemy,” but made it clear that not all Muslims are going to be affected by the “ban” and not all Muslims are our enemy.

Watch the video below:

I didn’t think it was possible for these two to agree on anything, let alone something that I personally believe to be correct.

I think I’m going to be pleasantly confused for the rest of the day.

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