Trump Deports Liberal Protester from Event, Calls Him Fat

Trump Deports Liberal Protester from Event, Calls Him Fat

First off, these people have absolutely no sense of humor. Trump made fun of a heckler who interrupted him while he was addressing the food stamp issue. He said the guy had a serious weight problem and just went off when he was talking about food stamps. It was supposed to be humorous, but the Left got all offended. Trump wasn’t making fun of everyone overweight… he was making fun of that particular guy railing on about food stamps. And when he said nobody wanted to be with the guy, I don’t think he was referring to weight. He was referring to the guy being a loser. 12,000 people showed up in Worcester to hear Trump speak. 4,000 more were outside and couldn’t get in. This happened in the deep blue state of Massachusetts. It’s driving the Left nuts and it shows.

Donald Trump Rally

From The Daily Caller:

Donald Trump had another encounter with a heckler Wednesday night, sending a big crowd in Massachusetts into a frenzy when he had the heckler kicked out and then mocked him for being fat.

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Trump was delivering a speech in Worcester, and mentioned that America now had over 50 million people on food stamps. At this point a heckler began chanting against Trump and was quickly dragged out of the building.

While crowd members chanted “We need Trump!” to drown out the heckler, Trump decided to poke fun at the man’s somewhat above-average weight.

“You know, it’s amazing, I mention food stamps and that guy who’s seriously overweight just starts going crazy,” he said, sending the crowd into a burst of laughter. Trump’s quip was captured by MSNBC and later uploaded to YouTube:

The heckler wasn’t even the first one Trump had faced that night. Early on in the speech, a sign-carrying heckler was hustled out after they began chanting against Trump’s plan to build a wall, and a few minutes later, another heckler began screaming “You’re a racist!” at Trump, while he was talking about the U.S. military.

“Isn’t a Trump rally much more exciting than these other guys?” Trump said after the second heckler was rushed out. After the third, he made a joke at the media’s expense, predicting they would focus on the wave of hecklers instead of his crowd of supporters.

“We had 12,000 people, and they’re gonna take three people and say ‘Oh, the protests were unbelievable,’” he said, then taking another chance to mock the third heckler’s weight. “Three people! They weren’t even in a group, cuz who the Hell wants to be with a guy like that, to be in a group? Seriously. Who wants to be with him? Nobody. Nobody. Nobody will have him. Nobody.”

There were three hecklers out of all those people. That’s nothing. The crowd went wild for him there. Trump doesn’t care if the media and the Marxists insult him. He tells them to stuff it and America just loves it. His rallies are exciting. The Left’s and his opponent’s (except for Ted Cruz) are snoozefests. Tuesday, Trump said that he would like Ted Cruz to be his VP. What a fantastic ticket that would be! Can you imagine four years of Trump, followed by eight years of Cruz? Our nation might just survive after all. They’ll bring back the Reagan coalition and restore America to her former greatness. The media will make his rally in Massachusetts all about offending someone and political correctness. What it was really about was freedom and restoring the Republic. It was vintage Trump and right now it looks like a Trump/Cruz ticket would win in an historic landslide.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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