TV Co-Host Posts Epic Rant On Twitter, What She Said Could DESTROY Hillary [VIDEO]

TV Co-Host Posts Epic Rant On Twitter, What She Said Could DESTROY Hillary [VIDEO]

National security is no joke. When granted high access, one should view that as an awesome responsibility – not a right. Hillary Clinton felt that she was above the law – and it turns out that she was right. One former White House staffer-turned-journalist, Dana Perino, beautifully outlined why Hillary’s crime was so unforgivable. Check it out.


From Independent Journal:

Dana Perino currently co-hosts “The Five” on Fox News, but prior to that, she was the White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush.

And as a former White House staffer with experience in the world of security clearances and classified information, she offered a unique take — or rather, takedown — of Hillary Clinton and the FBI’s final recommendation in her case.

She started with a warning:

And addressed the fact that security clearances are a privilege, not a right:

And said sometimes security requires sacrifice:

Because the nation’s safety comes first:

And sometimes the sacrifice is personal:

Because it’s not about you:

Then Perino started in on the FBI’s decision:

And whether a Republican would have received similar treatment:

Perino says, “no”:

But that was just the “warm-up”:

Perino appeared on “The Kelly File” Wednesday evening to discuss the topic further, explaining to host Megyn Kelly that her uncharacteristic Twitter rant was the result of her frustration coupled with the fact that she “had wifi on the plane.”

Hillary Clinton is a traitor to this country. She knowingly violated national security to accommodate her own shady dealings. Even if we accept that she did so unintentionally (which is a preposterous narrative we should all reject), the law is clear in that intent matters not.

She placed American lives in danger and attempted to cover it up and lied about it.

The rule of law literally means nothing anymore. If a person can be excused from prison time simply because of their political connections, it makes the rest of us chumps for abiding by the law.

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