TV Host Graham Ledger DEFENDS Trump, says he may be what the country needs [Video]

TV Host Graham Ledger DEFENDS Trump, says he may be what the country needs [Video]

Graham Ledger is right… Americans are starving for someone who is not politically correct and who will tell it like it is. Someone who will fight for what we actually want as Americans and someone who believes in the Constitution and that America is great. McCain disobeyed orders and was captured. Yep, he endured five years of torture and imprisonment at the hands of the North Vietnamese. Yep, when he was offered his freedom, he stayed with his men. But that does not make him a war hero. A war hero is someone like Audey Murphy. Trump was right on McCain… he’s right on the border… he’s right on illegal immigration… he’s right on Iran… he’s right on our debt… and he’s right on arming our military. Ted Cruz likes him and has great respect for him. I don’t agree with everything Trump stands for, but at least he stands. Trump may be exactly what we need to wake us up.

Graham Ledger

From The Right Scoop:

Conservative TV host Graham Ledger, who hosts The Daily Ledger on OAN, said tonight that the vast majority of Americans are dying for someone who tells the unvarnished, non-politically correct, honest and sometimes painful truth.

He suggests that Trump’s comments over the weekend about McCain were inartful, but he does not believe they were inaccurate. In fact he says that being a POW does not make one a war hero, despite the fact that McCain is easily awarded that status.

He does state that he’s not diminishing McCain’s military service as a POW, being held and tortured by the N. Vietnamese for five years, and believes it should be respected and that we should thank McCain for his service.

But politically McCain is a disaster, he says, and someone like Trump may just be the political life raft that the country needs to set a new course back to a more truthful and constitutional America.

The Donald is rough around the edges. That’s Trump. Take him or leave him. I don’t like McCain. I respect what he went through for his country, but when he returned, he used his military status as a shield to get away with all kinds of crap. He set himself up as a Republican, wrapped himself in the flag and his military trappings and played innocent whenever he was called on the carpet for something Progressive. Which has been a lot of the time. His daughter is a raving Marxist moonbat. McCain is pro-Amnesty, pro-Progressive politics and has done nothing to help our vets. He borders on fascist at times. He’s a political embarrassment. How he keeps getting elected is a very valid question. So, yes… Ledger is right when he says Trump may be what this country needs. It can certainly do without John McCain and his labeling patriotic Americans ‘wacko birds’ and ‘crazies.’

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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