Unarmed White Guy Killed by Cops, No One Cares

Like waves pounding a beach, the media hits us again and again with stories of black criminals who get themselves killed by the police. Each incident is hyped to the skies and used to drive home the talking point that we are a bad racist country richly deserving to be fundamentally transformed. Yet despite being less prone to criminal behavior, whites get killed by the police too. Zachary Hammond, for example:

Black activists, liberals, and their media propaganda machine are currently outraged by the death of Sam DuBose, an unarmed black man killed by a cop in Cincinnati. Despite being eerily similar to that case, no one seems to care that a police officer in South Carolina shot and killed an unarmed white guy. The officer in Cincinnati was arrested and charged with murder. The officer in South Carolina didn’t even mention the shooting in his report.

Greenvilleonline reports that last Sunday 19-year old Seneca, SC resident Zachary Hammond was lured to a Hardee’s parking lot as part of a drug-sting operation. An officer approached his car with a gun drawn and a moment later Hammond was dead from a gunshot wound. The officer said that Hammond accelerated towards him and he responded by firing two shots. Police found a small amount of marijuana in Hammond’s car but no weapons.

There is however a big problem with the officer’s story. The autopsy shows that Hammond was shot twice in the back at point-blank rage.

But Hammond was white, so no one cares.

At least he didn’t die alone:

June 20, 2015 – LAPD Shot and killed white man armed with a towel.

May 11, 2015 – St. John’s, FL officers shoot and kill suicidal white man Justin Way.

May 26, 2015 – Trenton, MI cops shoot and kill white teenager Kyle Baker.

May 29, 2015 – Oklahoma State Troopers shoot and kill unarmed white guy Nehemiah Fischer who was trying to rescue his vehicle from a flood.

February 2, 2015 – Hummelstown, PA officer shoots unarmed white guy David Kassick in the back killing him.

And let’s not forget last year’s unjustified killing of white guy Dillon Taylor by Salt Lake City police.

Yet #WhiteLivesMatter doesn’t appear to be trending on Twitter.

Even when what they tell you on the news isn’t technically a lie, the selection of what is reported is a lie.

Only black lives matter, not Hammond’s.

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