UNDERWAY: New Conservative Network In Talks – FOX Network Moving Too Far Left!

With all the major changes that are happening over at Fox, there have been whispers from sources close to the top that have been hinting at a new alternative news network being created as a replacement for the flailing Fox News. It’s not a hard move to image.

But could one actually succeed?

According to reports, a source with access to the proposal told the news and opinion outlet Mediaite that there have been serious talks of replacing Fox News as the ‘standard bearer’ for ‘conservative news’, claiming the 20 year-old news outlet has moved so far to the left, it no longer supports the ideals and principles of half the country. This source is part of the talks and claims that a meeting will be going down today that will include both the top news executives as well as other folks who have the interest and assets to fund a brand new news outlet.

So, what exactly are they trying to accomplish, here? Simple. Putting “the old band” of news personalities back together with a fresh start.

Just last Thursday, New York Magazine‘s Gabe Sherman, a man that some would say was a ‘thorn’ in the side of Fox News, reported that “sweeping management changes” could be a possible outcome for the flailing news network. Sean Hannity of course didn’t like that and left an ominous tweet, predicting what would happen:

“I just don’t see Fox News and Sean having a long relationship. If Sean becomes available, you have 100 percent turnover in primetime and a huge opportunity,” claims an television executive who would not be named.

“I’m working on it (the new conservative channel) hot and heavy. It’s live, it’s real.”

He also claimed that if it was going to happen, you can expect to see it in the beginning of 2018.

In John Hawkins’ new book ‘101 Things All Young Adults Should Know’, he teaches in chapter 28) “Don’t stay in a bad situation because you are afraid of change”. I would recommend that Hannity not stay in a bad situation…though after the 2016 campaign debacle, he wouldn’t see Fox News like many view it – a GOP news agency and NOT a conservative outlet.

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