Wanted: Pot-Head Journalists

Despite the financial troubles the mainstream media has brought on itself by sneering at both the public and journalistic professionalism in pursuit of its progressive agenda, there are still jobs to be found in print news. For example, Westword — Denver’s version of the militantly liberal Village Voice — is looking for a cannabis critic:

The medical marijuana review business is booming as states like Colorado and California have seen an explosion in the number of pot shops.

A Denver alternative newspaper recently posted an ad for what some consider the sweetest job in journalism – a reviewer of the state’s marijuana dispensaries and their products. …

The Denver paper, Westword, … already has gotten more than 120 applicants, many of them offering to do the reviews for free. When the newspaper settles on a permanent critic for its new “Mile Highs and Lows” column, industry watchers say, it will be the first professional newspaper critic of medical marijuana in the country. …

The newspaper hasn’t yet settled on a freelance fee for the reviews; it’s currently running an essay contest and sharing excerpts of potential critics talking about what marijuana means to them. “Marijuana isn’t just important to me, it is my life,” gushed one hopeful.

Now there’s a guy with a future in journalism. The Fourth Estate will need something to live for after Obamania crashes and burns.

On a tip from Graycat. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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