Watch as Conservative Reporter is Attacked at Million Mask March by #BlackLivesMatter Thugs [Video]

Watch as Conservative Reporter is Attacked at Million Mask March by #BlackLivesMatter Thugs [Video]

Classy. Conservative reporter Adam Sharp, from Progressives Today, went to the Million Mask March last night in Ferguson, Missouri. #BlackLivesMatter thugs attacked him while he was videoing the event. He was approached by a masked black man who told him to turn off his camera. After the third threat, the man slapped the camera away and injured Adam in the process. The mob was carrying US flags upside down and chanting, “Police, stick it up your ass!” It’s beyond me why they are protesting for attention and then when they get it on video, they come unglued. These people are violent sociopaths and psychotics.

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From Gateway Pundit:

Black Lives Matter protesters marched in Ferguson, Missouri last night as part of the international Million Mask March protest movement.

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Conservative Progressives Today reporter Adam Sharp was covering the protest in Ferguson.

The protesters carried US flags – upside down.

The protesters were chanting, “Police, stick it up your ass!”

After marching and chanting outside the Ferguson Police Department the protesters turned on reporter Adam Sharp.

One protester ordered Adam to quit recording.

You have to go. Stop recording us. I’m asking you nicely. I asked you nicely. Cut that recorder off. If I ask a third time I’m going to smack you. And I’m not playing.

The livestream captured the incident.

But they turned their cameras away before the attack.

“Don’t videotape that!”

However, Adam Sharp captured the entire assault on tape.

They smacked Adam and hit his camera out of his hands.

You can hear them laughing in the background.

Adam was injured in the assault and filed a police report.

Adam is recovering at home today.

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The guy towards the end who blathered on about the KKK, sounded like he was high on something. High or straight, his IQ sounds rock bottom. He insinuated that anyone who opposed them that was white was connected to the KKK. That genius was white as were several of his friends. They were calling the reporter a terrorist and were threatening him. What a bunch of evil scum. I certainly don’t believe these thugs. This speaks for itself. Adam filed a complaint with the police. Good for him. Let’s see… they hate cops, they hate America, they want to censor free speech and the freedom of the press… they are racists, radicals, Marxists and thugs. Looks like another typical night with the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.

Million Mask March2

Million Mask March3

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