WATCH as Liberal TV Hosts Get Wasted & Make Fools of Themselves on New Year’s Eve

WATCH as Liberal TV Hosts Get Wasted & Make Fools of Themselves on New Year’s Eve

You know, I thought New Year’s Eve used to be very tastefully done on TV. Not anymore. The video below proves that. What? Ratings so low, you have to strip now? Getting drunk on the air is now permissible? Classy. Gone is the elegant celebration of a bygone era. Now we get sluts and narcissists. Joy. Looks like there will be a lot of hangovers today and tons of makeup. When these guys couldn’t get wasted fast enough last night, they went with dirty jokes. Kathy Griffin on CNN was damn near naked and flaunting it. Gee, wonder how many kids watched that? These guys used to report the news, now they just sensationalize and do a crappy job of that too. Happy New Year’s from the creepy media, y’all!


From The Daily Beast:

Anderson Cooper couldn’t even.

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It’s a time-honored tradition to ring in the New Year with some alcoholic cheer. But last night things started with a tipsy glow and rapidly declined into blackout mode with the live TV hosts from mainstream networks like CNN and ABC. Were they really all plastered? Who knows, but based on their behavior let’s hope so. Watch below as a bevvy of semi-celebrities get their shine on and decide for yourselves.

Aspirin, anyone?

Griffin kept saying to an embarrassed Anderson Cooper, “We’re trending!” “We’re trending!” Well yeah, you had to take off your clothes to do it, you hag. Have some common decency for once. Geez. Awkward much? I don’t know whether these people were plastered or just needed a flimsy excuse to rip loose. Kathy Griffin should be fired, but she won’t be. Does anyone watch these channels anymore? If this is how America truly rings in the New Year, we are all going to need a ton of aspirin. Just sayin’.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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