WHOA! Conservative Radio Host In Talks To Join MSNBC?!

WHOA! Conservative Radio Host In Talks To Join MSNBC?!

Since the November election, American media has been in a complete uproar. From dramatically wrong polling, to biased reporting in every major news outlet, to unprofessional crying reporters on election night, media has been in turmoil. And that turmoil appears to be continuing. Networks who’ve long had a known personality or perspective, seem to be changing some of that as they hire and fire journalists and hosts in an effort to appeal to a broader section of Americans.

Heretofore, conservative network Fox fired some folks and they ended up at what is seen as a liberal network. Liberal networks are moving folks around. And in general, there seems to be more ebb and flow of personnel between bitter rivals. After 13 years, Megyn Kelly left Fox and works for NBC News. Greta Van Sustern also left Fox after over 14 years and now works for MSNBC. Fox has always had a few liberals as regular contributors or hosts including Juan Williams and Bob Beckel.

Now it seems that conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt is in talks for a possible position hosting a weekend show at MSNBC. Currently, he is broadcast on the Salem Radio Network. He also appears occasionally on Meet the Press and other NBC shows.

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The members of America’s media need to do some self-examination. The way most of them covered the election was, well, deplorable. So, if they are reassessing and rearranging in order to reach folks in flyover country, that’s a good thing. They’ve been out of touch with real Americans for years. So, here’s to a return to the idea that America is more than just New York City and Los Angeles. Actual people live in between those two cities. And those people do not see things the same way as Liberal urbanites. Networks may be finding out that their tunnel vision Progressivism isn’t paying off as they lose viewers and respect. One thing is for sure, it will be interesting to see how all these changes work themselves out.

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