WikiLeaker Not Liking the Leaking About his (lousy) Love-making

Oily counter-culturalist WikiLeaker Julian Assange doesn’t see why his leaks of top-secret government reports and cables are such a big deal, but when two Swedish slut-honeys say that he’s lousy in bed, WELL NOW…….that’s an outrageous breach of his PRIVACY.:  >snort<

The founder of the hacktivist-website WikiLeaks continues to be the darling of the loser-azzi-: left and has landed on his feet very nicely after being granted bond from his ” Dickensian” prison:  in London. Gonzo-documentarian-meatball Michael Moore posted part of his bail. Jemima Khan wants to do him. The Davos Economic Forum has invited him as a guest speaker (but he’s on house arrest darn it)

Suddenly, Assange slithers out of jail, showers, shaves and gets a haircut, and: begins holding court: with the international media from an 18th century manor on 600 luxurious acres.:  He’s wearing handloomed sweaters: and has plans to stay: for Christmas.: :  WTF?

So who is the benefactor baron of Ellingham Hall? Assange’s new BFF is actually a very interesting character — restauranteur/organic farmer and intrepid documentary/journalist Vaughan Smith. Read the whole thing at the Daily Beast. Smith has been pushing the envelope for years with his edgy war coverage in the world’s most dangerous zones, so he squires the WikiLeaker right now in the interest of protecting free speech (in his view.)

Meanwhile, the full police complaints of the two Swedish scorned “sweethearts”of Assange have been leaked to the U.K. Guardian and they make a fascinating read.:  : He’s such a man-ho!!

Not only is Assange a lousy lover, we are told, he was forceful and abusive, and his condom leaked too. >snort<

The funny/hypocritical twist is that the king of the WikiLeakers and his attorney are mad about the “leaks” in his case. : >snort, snort<

Not enjoying his lodging very much this Christmas season is Army private Bradley Manning, who extracted, copied and transferred the millions of pages of classified reports and cables to Assange. I reported on Manning’s tie-in to the Senate’s repeal on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy yesterday.

Manning is still squeaking and leaking as much as he’s allowed : from his spartan solitary cell at the Marine brig in Quantico.

He’s mad he doesn’t have a “real” pillow and blankie and can’t listen to Lady GaGa… >snort, snort<

His attorney is trying to pluck the public’s heartstrings, too, and blogged about his client’s daily routine this week. Considering Manning may face treason/espionage charges and the death penalty for stealing classified documents and troops or personnel are endangered by his action……I think Brad is being treated too nicely. See what you think.
Congressman Ted agrees with me.

Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) followed with a call for punishment. “I have no sympathy for the alleged thief in this situation,” Poe said, insisting the source of the leak, whoever it is, be held responsible. “He’s no better than a Texas pawn shop dealer that deals in stolen merchandise and sells it to the highest bidder.”

Vice President Joe Biden gave the toughest critique of Assange by the Obama administration thus far: On the Sunday talk show circuit, Biden called the WikiLeaks founder a “high-tech terrorist.” Biden did NOT leak anything today , or at least anything that we could SEE. > snort <

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