Melania Trump Just Showed Critics How Much Their Opinion Matters To Her – I APPLAUD HER!

Melania Trump Just Showed Critics How Much Their Opinion Matters To Her – I APPLAUD HER!

Stop the presses! Melania wore heels again!

Before boarding Air Force One to visit Puerto Rico with her husband, Melania Trump was photographed wearing black or navy high heels paired with a relaxed pant and sweater. That monster!  And the faux outrage began.

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Melania was first targeted by outraged liberals looking for any reason to insult the Trumps when she boarded Air Force One back in August wearing black stilettos. Of course, when she got off the plane she can changed into a more casual black pant with a white blouse and white sneakers along with a super cute FLOTUS-branded baseball hat.

If wearing heels hours before attending a dressed-down event is “out of touch” then I’m out for the count. Love me, love my shoes. I’m short, so it’s probably a hate crime if you ever insulted me for misusing footwear before visiting a disaster zone.

This time, just like the last time, when she landed she was dressed down in an outfit finished by Timberland boots. Of course, nothing was good enough for the fainting masses looking for any reason to insult her, with social media users mocking her for wearing the boots “as if she’s going to go work in Puerto Rico.” Well, maybe she was looking to work after the Teamster’s union members decided to not show up to work to help distribute the relief items sent to the territory.

Some of the tweets don’t even make sense. “lol Melania is wearing white jeans and Timbs in Puerto Rico.” Was she supposed to go naked? None of you will ever be happy with what she’s wearing, so there’s no use in pleasing you. But there is use in making you mad, because your outrage helps to focus back on the Trumps.

USA Today said that Melania’s high heeled antics showed “she [had] no intention of physically digging into the problem of disaster relief,” which is a nonsense phrase. They casually said that her heels “left many feeling she was out of touch with the difficulties.” They don’t really cite how many people constituted the “many” who had “feelings” that Melania was a certain way. If heels is what turns them away from Melania, they were never going to vote for her husband in the first place.

Last October after the “Grab em by the p***y” tape was released, Melania Trump trolled the media by showing up wearing a pink “pussy bow” style shirt from Gucci. The “pussy bow” style has a neat, loose little bow around its high collared neck. Melania spent years working as a fashion model, so there’s no getting around that this was a deliberate choice.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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