5 Truths On Why Bernie’s Socialist Agenda ISN’T Going to Work

5 Truths On Why Bernie’s Socialist Agenda ISN’T Going to Work

I hate to burst the fantasy bubble of those that really think Bernie is the second coming, but his plan is just garbage and it isn’t going to work. Here’s why:

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Via Sela T.:

In a fashion that ONLY Ted Nugent can pull off and get away with – Sanders fell UNDER FIRE with a chain of profanity laced speech. Ted Nugent’s point? Getting gun-rights supporters to fall into step with Trump and offer their support.

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From Raw Story:

“Donald Trump is the [expletive] kicker,” the rock guitarist/gun rights advocate said in a speech billed as “Ted Nugent: 2016 Election Do or Die for America and Freedom.”

He took particular aim at Bernard Sanders, the self-described socialist who is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democrats’ presidential nomination, saying the Vermont senator is “preaching communism.” Mr. Nugent said 58,000 American warriors died fighting communism – presumably referring to the death toll in Vietnam.

“Hey Bernie: eat [expletive] and die,” said Mr. Nugent, who is known as the “Motor City Madman.” “[Put] that on MSNBC!”

Mr. Nugent went on to say it’s time for people to coalesce around Mr. Trump, who chased the remaining opponents from the GOP presidential race earlier this month.

“Don’t give me this ‘He’s not your favorite guy’ crap,” he said.

“You don’t deny your dying child life-saving medicine because you don’t like the captain and his boat,” he said. “You get on the damn boat and you get the medicine to the child, and then you fix the captain.”

“Do you know what I’m saying?” he said. “So we need to elect him and then stay on him.”

Okay Ted, now…how about Hillary? What ‘Ted Nugent’ instructions do you have for her? Just saying…


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