Brian Williams Defined In One HILARIOUS Meme

Brian Williams Defined In One HILARIOUS Meme

Brian Williams is a huge JOKE – the man doesn’t even know the difference between the truth and a lie. So what is going to happen to him? Well, being one of the liberals’ own ‘precious’, absolutely NOTHING.

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Via Warner Todd Huston:

Disgraced former NBC “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams won’t be fired from NBC after all. His buddy, the new NBC News chief Andrew Lack, has decided not to fire him. However, he’s being demoted to the little watched MSNBC cable outlet.

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You’ll recall that Williams lost his anchor gig after years of lies about his personal bio finally came out. Williams made all sorts of fantastic claims about what he had done in the past, including the lie that he was in a helicopter that was shot down over Iraq during the Iraq war.

But he won’t be fired

NBC and Brian Williams have reportedly come to a tentative agreement that will see the disgraced news anchor return to the network when his six-month suspension ends in August as the new face of MSNBC.

The decision, which will reportedly be announced today, is expected to bring to an end months of speculation about what will happen to Williams who just months ago was the most watched network news anchor.

…According to the New York Times; ‘Williams is expected to move to a new role at NBC News, primarily at the cable news network MSNBC, which would probably be in a breaking-news capacity at the beginning, according to one of the people.’

It would have been better for Williams to be fired than to be stuck at MSNBC where no one will ever see him! But it’s funnier, anyway.


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