Globalism VS Nationalism Explained PERFECTLY To Liberals [Meme]

Globalism VS Nationalism Explained PERFECTLY To Liberals [Meme]

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Via John Hawkins:

My latest Townhall column is called, If Donald Trump Is the Nominee, Hillary Clinton Has Already Won in November. Here’s an excerpt from the column.


Donald Trump can win if the #nevertrump people….no, he can’t.

Trump can win if the Republican Party decides to…..nope. Won’t happen.

Well, what if Donald Trump were to….it doesn’t matter.

Barring a zombie apocalypse, alien invasion or Hillary being indicted for her crimes by the Obama-run DOJ (which is about as likely as the first two), Donald Trump is not going to be the next president. Even if Hillary’s horrible cough turns out to be a symptom of some fatal disease, Trump still won’t be elected because whoever her vice president turns out to be will still beat him.

This is not an attempt to rehash the merits of Donald Trump vs. any of the other candidates. The primaries are over and Trump won.

However, people who say that Trump has a significant chance to win have NO IDEA what they’re talking about. They’re winging it, BSing you, engaging in wish fulfillment or just telling you what you want to hear.

Once again, you can read it all here.


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