How Stupid Obama is Summed Up in One Meme [VIDEO]

How Stupid Obama is Summed Up in One Meme [VIDEO]

Obama is such a joke – but his stance on gun control is brilliantly defined by one small child.

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Via Terresa Monroe-Hamilton:

Obama’s at it again… blaming the likes of Fox News and talk radio for what he is claiming is racism. He says they are stoking anger over the economy. They don’t have to, you imbecile. When over 30% of Americans are unemployed and can’t find work — in many cases, for years — it’s easy to see why they are ticked. With inflation taking a bigger and bigger bite out of what little they have, how dare this craven Marxist get up there and claim that things are better under his regime. What a monstrous joke. He just can’t get over Mitt Romney either, or those who call for smaller government and for Americans to do honest work in exchange for an honest living. We are not anti-trade – those of us who are true conservatives believe in fair trade that does not give our enemies an advantage. We believe less government is always the best government and we are for immigrants who come here legally. It was just lie after lie after lie.

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From Breitbart:

President Barack Obama accused “right wing” talk radio and cable channels like Fox News of angering white people in America about the economy, arguing that it was actually doing really well under his administration.

During his speech, Obama decried Republicans who campaigned on stopping “welfare queens” complaining about “makers and takers” and even referred to Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comment.

“Their basic message is anti-government, anti-immigrant, anti-trade, and let’s face it — it’s anti-change,” Obama said, accusing them of lying just to oppose him.

Obama brazenly fibs… he is not succeeding in improving the economy, cutting the deficit and cutting spending. He’s done the exact opposite on a massive scale. At one point, when he was railing against Donald Trump, Obama’s teleprompter failed and he went off on a stuttering rant. He sounded like a moron and totally lame. There is a lot of racism out there now and most of it is due to the efforts of Barack Obama. He has ratcheted it up. It was an issue that was getting better by the day in America and now it is horrid on both sides once more. For no reason other than radicals telling lies and stirring the pot over it. Obama made his speech at Elkhart, Indiana, where a majority of voters in the county voted against him in the 2012 presidential election. One person in the crowd shouted “one more time!” suggesting that she wanted Obama to run again for office. “No I can’t do that,” Obama said. “The Constitution prohibits it, but more importantly Michelle prohibits it.” I’m sure he’d love to create an emergency and stay in office. But short of a nuclear attack, I don’t see that happening, thank God. The man is like a broken Progressive record. I just wish he’d shut it and go away.



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