Liberal Explanation Of Why You May Never Leave Chicago is SPOT ON! [Meme]

Liberal Explanation Of Why You May Never Leave Chicago is SPOT ON! [Meme]

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Via Cassy Fiano:

There’s nothing like a heaping dose of white guilt to get a liberal to do something crazy. And the latest liberal to jump on the crazy train is Laurella Willis, who is doing something strange in Chicago.

laurella willis

From DownTrend:

CBS Chicago reports that Laurella Willis has been walking the streets of the city’s South Side with a homemade sandwich board sign reading: “Black America. I’m Sorry!!” She says she does about 20 miles a day in these frightening neighborhood to let blacks know she is one “with-it” white chick.

What exactly is she apologizing for? Well:

She says she is sorry about “everything that’s going on in America.”

The violence, the anger, the racial tension, all of it.

“I don’t want to continue to see Black American being oppressed, and held down and killed like animals,” said Willis.

If she isn’t personally oppressing people, or committing violence against them, or adding to racial tension, then she doesn’t have anything to apologize for. But then, she’s a liberal — we can’t exactly expect her to make a whole lot of sense.


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