Meme Touches On The REAL REASON for Memorial Day

Meme Touches On The REAL REASON for Memorial Day

Take a moment to reflect on those who have given their lives in service to this country. ALL lives matter and should be honored.

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Via Scott McKay:

It’s a bit unusual, but certainly a touching tribute…

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The bond between a military dog and its handler appears nigh-unbreakable, as one former soldier has shown.

Recently, an Afghanistan war veteran paid tribute to his black Labrador, Treo, who was by his side during the conflict. He got a tattoo made out of Treo’s ashes after he died.

Sergeant Dave Heyhoe, 46, said Treo was a bomb detection dog who retired a few years ago but died in October 2015, according to MailOnline.

He said the dog’s death devastated his wife, Rachel as well as their three children.

Heyhoe, who was the dog’s handler, immortalized Treo by getting the ash tattoo, which includes a pawprint, on his leg.

Sgt. Heyhoe says the tattoo “completes me.”

Now THAT’S a dog lover!


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