Why Millennials Are In For a BIG SHOCK If They Vote Democrat [Meme]

Why Millennials Are In For a BIG SHOCK If They Vote Democrat [Meme]

Millennials don’t seem to understand what they will get if they elect Crazy Ol’ Bern to the White House. Let us explain for you.

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Via Frank Lea:

It only took Jordan Morgan five words to eviscerate Bernie Sanders free college for all plan. Jordan is 20 year old wife, mother, and college student – and for her to tear down the wall of Bernie Sanders so easily is nothing short of amazing.

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bernie free college

Nothing worth having comes easy.

When you get down to it… is anything actually free?

I typically don’t like millennials because there’s too many whiny kids protesting at college instead of having fun while earning their degree and making their ridiculous school loans worth the adventure. But for this quote to come from a millennial is amazing. She has been grounded in truth and probably raised by level headed parents who instilled meaningful life lessons for her to produce a wonderfully simplistic quote filled with more truth than a magic eight ball. When I was in college it was all about going to every party possible, going to every class possible, and still finding time for athletics, intramural groups, writing for the newspaper, joining clubs, etc. We didn’t have any time to complain or protest. Actually, the only time we complained was when the school hired a Nigerian professor and no one could understand the thick accent in the midst of our hangovers.

My sister is a millennial in college and and she doesn’t whine, complain, or expect anything for free. She knows that what she’s working for will pay off one day. She was spoiled all her life because she was the youngest and the only girl, but she is extremely humble, filled with pride, and the hardest working student of the four kids her mother spawned. She is a millennial who acts old school and I’m so thankful that she is who she is and very proud that she’s not wasting time at college begging for handouts.

Would she like lower tuition? Sure, who wouldn’t.

I don’t think college should be free because than schools like Princeton and Yale no longer hold any merit if any idiot can walk in and attend class. There’s a reason those schools are prestigious, and to make them free would make them worth no more than a high school degree. I don’t think college tuition should be as high as it is, but college should not be free. Think about every high school student who really does qualify academically for Ivy League schools, but since they come from a poor family, they can’t afford tuition. Not even with grants and scholarships because the cost is too high. Kids who work hard but come from struggling families may not be able to afford the big schools, but those kids will be successful no matter where they go – even without free college.

There’s other ways to lower student debt. One could introduce lower interest rates on loans, force a tuition cap so that schools cannot have a $40,000 per year bill (while paying professors peanuts). Offer books for a normal price, because you know a math text book is not EVER worth $150. What grinds my gears is when a math professor says “we’re using the new edition” which costs $150 new, and the new edition has the SAME math that the old edition had for $25 used. Math hasn’t changed and a text book that a person uses for three months doesn’t need to cost three digits.


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