Obama’s Favorite Response To Any Mass Shooting [Meme] [VIDEO]

Obama’s Favorite Response To Any Mass Shooting [Meme] [VIDEO]

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Via Sierra Marlee:

That’s right, apparently the evil gun store that sold the Orlando shooter his firearms took steps to warn the police about him. While it appears they had to reason to deny him the sale of a firearm, they did attempt to make authorities aware of their suspicions.


From Twitchy:

They tell us that if “you see something, say something.”

Well, who’s in charge of making sure that after we “say something” authorities “do something”?

CNN reports:

There has been no response from the law enforcement on the matter, but should this be true, then we know of at least one more road block that could potentially have stopped the terror attack.

This is a developing story, so stay tuned to Right Wing News for updates as we receive them.


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