What To Say To Liberals Who Refuse To Realize The Truth About Gun Control [Meme]

What To Say To Liberals Who Refuse To Realize The Truth About Gun Control [Meme]

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Via Sierra Marlee:

The very people who complained that Republicans were “obstructionists” are now throwing a temper tantrum that would make a toddler proud. That’s right, the men and women that were elected to represent us are literally SITTING on the floor of the House. We expect that this juvenile behavior will continue until the floor becomes uncomfortable, or until they cry themselves out.

Juice box and a nap, anyone?


From IJReview:

Congressman John Lewis is staging a sit-in with more than 35 Democratic representatives on the House floor to bring gun control legislation up to a vote.

The move comes following the Senate’s failure to approve gun control legislation the week after Senator Chris Murphy staged a 15-hour filibuster.

Democrats in both houses of Congress have been trying to bring attention to gun violence since a terrorist shooting claimed 49 victims in Orlando earlier this month.

The sit-in began around 11:30 this morning:

At noon, the House reconvened for proceedings, led by Congressman Ted Poe.

Following a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance, Poe broke for recess because the members would not leave the well.

The group of protesters includes Joe Courtney, Donna Edwards, Steve Cohen, Rosa DeLauro, Elizabeth Esty, Sheila Jackson-Lee, and John Yarmouth.

I know exactly what this group of “representatives” needs.



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