The Only Thing Scarier Than A Criminal With A Gun Will Make Liberals CRAZY…[Meme] [VIDEO]

The Only Thing Scarier Than A Criminal With A Gun Will Make Liberals CRAZY…[Meme] [VIDEO]

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Via Homeschool Mom:

Interesting. News breaks out about Hillary’s health not doing so well. Then BAM! Democrats are all over it like white on rice trying to disprove everything, like crazy wildebeests.

How suspicious of them…

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From the Daily Mail:

In recent bizarre events on the campaign trail a strange man was noticed at Hillary Clinton’s side.

Via Mike Cernovich:

An expert on Secret Service tactics told TGP Secret Service agents would not touch a candidate in the manner that this individual did and especially Hillary Clinton. It is widely reported on Hillary’s disdain for the agents who work to protect her. The man who touches Hillary may be a member of Hillary’s close staff – but he is NOT a Secret Service agent.

This man is still unknown although the web has now reported pictures of him at several outings with Hillary – assisting the weak and tired candidate. The fact that the man gets on stage, touches Hillary and then tells her what to do next, is very questionable.


I don’t doubt that there are all sorts of things wrong with Hillary. It’s much harder on the mind and body to live a life of lies and deceit…I’m sure her insides are aged substantially on that alone.

Also…Bill looks like death. Am I right!?


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