Why Gun Control Is A JOKE and There Were NO Shootings In The Wild West [Meme]

Why Gun Control Is A JOKE and There Were NO Shootings In The Wild West [Meme]

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Via Frank Lea:

Three students of American colleges were slaughtered by terrorists in the siege of a bakery in Bangladesh. ISIS members stormed the Holey Artisan Bakery and killed a pair of police officers and many, many more. Multiple injuries were also reported in the hostage situation in Bangladesh.

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From Fox News:

Emory University in Atlanta announced that students Abinta Kabir and Faraaz Hossain were among the dead. Kabir, of Miami, Fla., was a sophomore at Emory’s Oxford College who was visiting family and friends in Bangladesh. Hossain, a junior at the university’s Goizueta Business School, was a Dhaka native.

At the University of California, Berkeley, chancellor Nicholas Dirks confirmed that Tarushi Jain, a native of India, was also killed at the Holey Artisan Bakery.

Jain, 19, had been on holiday from her studies and was in Dhaka visiting her father, who has run a garment business in the country for the past 15 or 20 years, Indian government sources told the Associated Press.

Imagine just minding your own business, eating a treat at a bakery and then this happens.

It’s a sad world to live in sometimes.


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