Why Liberals Make NO SENSE When They Argue Gun Control Perfectly Defined [Meme]

Why Liberals Make NO SENSE When They Argue Gun Control Perfectly Defined [Meme]

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Via David McIntosh:

A liberal dimwit has set up a desperate attempt to pass gun control in the United States Senate. The Orlando shooting was committed by a Muslim-Isis-sympathizer, HE STATED IT OVER THE PHONE WHILE HE WAS KILLING. So what do they do?

They blame Americans and their Constitutionally protected rights…

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From The Federalist Papers:

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) has begun a “talking filibuster” on the floor of the Senate. The attention-seeking spectacle was quickly followed by other Democrats in a desperate attempt to strip American citizens of their Second Amendment rights without being convicted of any crime.

Murphy will be joined for Wednesday’s filibuster by likeminded, liberal Democratic Sens. Cory Booker (NJ) and Richard Blumenthal (Conn). They seek to pass new legislation—in the wake of Orlando’s deadliest shooting in U.S. history—that would implement universal background checks and prohibit those on the federal government’s no-fly list from purchasing firearms, Politico is reporting.

Murphy has become a leading gun-grabber in the Senate after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary left 20 schoolchildren dead. The talk-a-thon was apparently designed to coincide with a planned meeting between the NRA and Donald Trump.

The NRA has backed an approach favored by Senate Republicans that would allow a judge to arbitrate people who mistakenly end up on the terrorism watch list and want to buy guns, while Democrats prefer giving the Justice Department such authority. Both approaches were voted down by the Senate last December.

Senate Democrats are refusing to give up the floor, which prevents any amendment votes on the spending bill currently being considered by the chamber that provides funding for the Justice Department and other related agencies. The tactics by Democrats are likely to prevent some senators from attending an all-senators briefing on the Orlando attacks at 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

“Senator Murphy and Senate Democrats are holding the floor because they will not accept inaction or half measures in the face of continued slaughter,” Murphy spokesman Chris Harris said. “Congress cannot sit on the sidelines while killers freely buy weapons to brutally murder the people Congress is supposed to be protecting.”

A ‘suspect’ CANNOT be considered guilty of a crime! Our freedom and individual liberty is being stripped from us right before our eyes. This is wrong. In the very time when our enemies attack, our government moves to disarm us.



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