Flynn Drops First BOMBSHELL – Blames Jared Kushner

Flynn Drops First BOMBSHELL – Blames Jared Kushner

I don’t want to say that the wheels are coming off of the Trump Train just yet, but there does appear to be some uncertainty surrounding the President and his interaction with Russia during the Presidential campaign in 2016.

While Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty of lying to the FBI, it appears that he’s willing to spill everything he knows about the Trump administration’s dealings with Russia and Putin.

He dropped a bombshell on Friday that indicates Jared Kushner was the “mystery official” who asked him to contact the Russians and says that he has more dirt on other Trump family members that he is willing to dish out in the future.

While Flynn faces five years in jail for his crimes, this admission may have come in exchange for a deal with Robert Mueller – though that has not been confirmed yet.

In a statement, Flynn claimed that a “very senior” member of the Trump admin had asked him to reach out to different foreign leaders to find out where each country stood on a UN resolution regarding Israel. Apparently this also included Russia. We have just found out that that “very senior” member was Kushner himself, who is of course married to Ivanka Trump.

This shifts the focus of the Russia investigation even closer to President Trump, who has routinely denied ever contacting the Russians or asking for their help in influencing the Presidential election.

Of course if it is found out that Russia had a hand in the election, that would directly violate the 1799 Logan Act, which makes it a crime to negotiate with countries that have a dispute with the United States.

According to ABC News, this saga will continue as Flynn has promised to testify “against Trump, against members of his family and others in the White House.”

I’m not Trump’s biggest fan, as I regularly say, but I’m going to reserve judgement on this until more information comes out about the nature of the interactions between Russia and the Trump administration. If there was meddling, we absolutely need to know about it so we can strengthen our system against outside influence. However, how do we know that this “testimony” is legitimate? I mean, he’s already been caught lying to the FBI, so is it possible that he is lying yet again, but this time saying what he thinks they want to hear to save his own behind?

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