Here’s What’s Next for Michelle Obama – Supporters Shocked [VIDEO]

Here’s What’s Next for Michelle Obama – Supporters Shocked [VIDEO]

Now that Michelle Obama is finally leaving the White House, there has been much speculation about what her next move will be. Many Americans have hoped that she would finally leave the public eye and finally drop her disastrous obesity initiative. But no such luck — Michelle has no plans to fade away quietly anytime soon.


After Laura Bush left office, she continued her literacy advocacy, as well as for women in Afghanistan. Hillary Clinton used the opportunity to claw her way into a political career. Michelle Obama isn’t expected to run for office, but she is expected to capitalize on her time as First Lady.

First, it’s expected that she will write a memoir, with book publishers likely willing to pay her millions of dollars.

Second, Michelle has said that she plans to continue her work to combat childhood obesity and education for girls around the world. “I’ve always felt very alive using my gifts and talents to help other people. I sleep better at night. I’m happier,” she said in Vogue’s December issue. “So we’ll look back at the issues that I’ve been working on. The question is: How do I engage in those issues from a new platform? I can’t say right now, because we can’t spend that much time really doing the hard work of vetting offers or ideas or options because we’re still closing things out here.”

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It’s also rumored that she will begin working, as Hillary did, on the speaker’s circuit, collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars to give speeches around the country. Oprah Winfrey has already predicted this will happen, saying that she will be one of the most in-demand speakers, thanks in large part to her speech at the Democratic National Convention this summer. Both Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton toured on the speaker’s circuit.

There’s also a chance that she could choose to return to corporate America and serve on a corporate board again. Previously, she had a position on the board of TreeHouse Foods Inc, a Wal-Mart supplier. Most people feel it’s safe to say that Michelle won’t resume practicing law and that she won’t run for office.

Interestingly, one of the things Barack Obama has promised her is a “really nice vacation, because she deserves it. She’s been putting up with me for quite some time.” He must be completely shameless to say something like that, considering that the Obama family spent much of their eight years in office taking lavish vacations around the globe. The family spent millions upon millions of dollars going on taxpayer-funded trips, including without Barack Obama, yet she needs another vacation? OK, Barack. Whatever you say.

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